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Tis the season.   Yesterday the community in which I live was mobilized by a reported brush fire out of control adjacent to our homes.  Owner of the house was not at home but the workers were.  What was happening was the beginning of a brush fire.  (Possibly set by the workers burning leaves.)  Fortunately it was spotted early and adjacent neighbors came and formed a hose and bucket brigade.   I got on the phone to Rodny and the Fire Depart was called by him.   It was only good fortune that all of us got the fire out and Rodny could call off the fire department.  Wind here is now pretty brisk and the fields are dry.   Although fires generally seem to blow themselves out,  this one could have gotten bad.  Recently four homes were affected by an out of control fire up in Volcan.  Please be careful.

Thank you Rodny for getting right on it.  Your help freed all of us to get that fire out quickly.  We were happy the Fire Department didn't need more work than they already have !       This is just one more reason I'm happy to be a Rodny Direct Customer.  He called the FD and reported right back to me....that was mighty reassuring.

Reminder : Jan 13 ( today) Rodny Direct sign up Noon to 3 pm at the  la Villa ( BCP)

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