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Caution ! Watch the charging at checkout


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Bill and I estimate we have lost approximately $60-80 in purchases so far this Christmas.  How has this happened?

1. El Campeon:  We estimate approximately $50 or more of goods never made it into our triple bagged and stapled-shut huge bag of items.   These items we paid for never made it into the larger bag.  Some were for Mother's Day and now we are missing Christmas presents we are wrapping.

2. Dolar Store in David:   At least $40 of over charging as we check the final tab against the items we bought,.   Example a pack of markers...bought 2 packs charged for 5 .  Dolly that costs $3.00, got charged $6.00.  It's very hard to spend $80 in the Dolar Store and that should have been a clue to me that the checker was making errors.

Be watchful at the checkout.....Keep your eyes on the screen at checkout.  Make SURE all the individual bags are packed into the large one.  This is a bit difficult at stores like El Campeon where the check out girl is 2 feet higher than you are  behind her counter.

Once you are out of the store and home you have little recourse.   Bummed....especially because we have to go back a re-purchase lost items. 


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I would add to this caution:   Count the money (change) from clerks before you move away from the counter. Sometimes my change has been $2.00 too much and other times $5.00 too little. I believe this is an honest mistake, but math needs to be a major subject in the Panama schools.

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Yes Pat...good  addition to my post.  I believe that what happened was human error at check out for the most part.   Hitting wrong buttons.  The missing bag of items form El Campeon still mystifies me a bit.   Probably purchasing in smaller amounts would have been a better bet. 

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ACODECO received 1500 Complaints during the Christmas season

The director of the Authority of Consumer Protection and Defense of Competition (Acodeco), Oscar Garcia, took stock of the operations performed by the entity in the commercial centers for the purchases of the Christmas season.

Since the month of October to December, the Acodeco has received approximately 1500 complaints of various irregularities. During the month of December 200 more anomalies were received than in December 2015.

According to Garcia, identified three main results, two related to prices. One of them, that prices were not visible and that in some cases, the product has one price, but when the consumer goes to the cash the price is higher than what it says on the label or the sign.

The penalty for an offense of this type starts from $300, and there can be duplicate fines for offenses of this type.

Equally, the official recommended to customers to pay attention at the time of choosing the product and above all at the moment to pay.

Garcia recalled that when things have two prices, you must pay the lowest and that is established by law and consumers have the right to that claim.

On the other hand, in the shops, the complaints have to do with matters of advertising, where there are advertised products, but when the consumer enters the store, it informs them that article is no longer available.

The fine for faults as this has doubled and has a cost of $600 and although some merchants have complained, fines are a way of discouraging offenses of this type.

In 2016, according to the chief of the Acodeco, the goal has been immediacy with consumers, and they have gone from a call center to a contact center, where people have the chance to write via their cell phones with the staff of the institution.

From two weeks ago consumers have a system to be able to make online consultations and through the mobile application people can denounce irregularities providing photos.


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