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Ongoing Pilates Classes at the Haven and a Tad of Fun!


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Pilates teaches fluid, natural whole body movement. It is not static- teaching one technique at a time employing different parts of the body, but flowing- fluidly connecting one technique into the next in the creation of whole body sequences natural to everyday life movement. Thus Pilates connects and integrates the body/mind employing body awareness, concentration and coordination.
Pilates builds muscle. All during life, muscular strength is important, but especially as we age. Our muscles and bones need to be strong and fit to support the skeleton in good posture. Nothing makes a person appear older than bad posture. And to stand erect, one needs not only strong muscles, but balanced muscles- meaning equally flexible and strong. Thus the Pilates exercise system attribute of creating long, lean, & strong muscles. Too, Muscular development stimulates metabolism & enhances the immune system.
Pilates emphasizes and works the core, All movements originate and extend from the core outward, simulating the development of the central nervous system. A strong core and abdominal muscles protect the lower back and the area surrounding the base of the spine. The student becomes deeply intimate and aware of his/her body and learns to fluidly move from his/her inner-body outward.
Pilates creatively strengthens balance and builds coordination, integrating the body/mind and energizing the brain and nervous system.
So...if you like to Work-Out and not only have a gentle, relaxing time when you take  and make time to exercise- Pilates may be for you! 
And Pilates Using Props- creatively employing all the portable props of Pilates- puts an exciting spin onto the movements, adding another dimension of fun & challenge to every class!  
And...  Best of all Pilates Strengthens and Lifts Your Derriere! Now really...Does anything more need to be said?
Ongoing Pilates Using Props Classes at the Haven are 3 mornings weekly- Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 8:30 til 9:45 a.m., in the beautiful and incomparable, fully equipped exercise/yoga room at the Haven.
Hand weights, stretchy bands, different size balls, Magic Circles & yoga mats are all provided in the cost of the requested donation. There are no extra charges.
Have your own Yoga mat? Bring it to be guaranteed 2 mats for when we go down to the floor.
* Note- One need not be a member of the Haven to take classes or partake of Spa Services. 
Questions? Email Susan Clare, Certified Instructor in both Pilates and Yoga, with 25 years+ teaching experience, at suzeclare@gmail.com
Private appointments are also available by appointment. Schedule a series of private sessions to have a work-out specifically designed for You.and your unique needs. Included in the package price are emailed instructions for each movement sequence given.
In addition to being a Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor at the Advanced level of training when living in the United States, as well as a  Fl state licensed Massage Therapist, Susan Clare was Certified and employed as a Personal Trainer. She worked in a myriad of settings, including a hospital fitness facility. Clare teaches movement and fitness not only as a form of exercise, but as a way of life and a joyous path of discovery. Susan's classes embody her passion..
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