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Are GMO foods good for Panama?

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This might be the most interesting (and controversial) topic we've ever had at the Tuesday Talks. 3 guys who are eminently qualified will discuss the pros and cons of the GMO products in Panama. Yes, Virginia, there are "pros". Dianne Heidke will moderate and will bring her pepper spray and tazer to control the protesters.

10:30 this morning (Tuesday) in the BCP theater.

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It was an interesting meeting, and almost full house. Fortunately there were no fireworks. Peter Sterling, Rodrigo Marciacq, and Price Peterson each spoke about 15 minutes, in that order. Peter is of the opinion (based on science) that GMOs offer no threat to people or the environment, IF things are done properly. Rodrigo presented the opposing view, and did so with passion, but based on his long experience in things agricultural as well as documented research. And then Price was a balance between the two positions, suggesting that economics is perhaps the main factor that will determine which side prevails. Only time will tell.

Peter was the only speaker with projected materials. He has provided the source documents for his materials, and they are attached here as two PDF files for your reference.

There were several questions from the audience after the presentations were completed. Every question was well thought-through, and absent hyperbole. 'Good job', audience.

There truly are some very accomplished people who live and work here in our area.

Once again a great talk on an important topic at the BCP Theater.

GMO for Chiriqui Life.nov.2016.pdf

GMO for Chiriqui Life.november 2016.pdf

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