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The "Can Do " Spirit we see here in Boquete...


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Our Dear Friends,


Those of us who have chosen Boquete, Panama as our home, sometimes,  have these questions.


Health Insurance aside, what if … ?


I tripped and fell on the street here,  and broke my leg.

I cannot drive, I cannot cook for myself, I cannot use the commode.

What can I do?


My beloved husband has to have surgery and needs blood.

What can I do?


My Dear Wife, of 50 years, is succumbing to cancer.

What can I do?


Our trusted Employee’s  Elderly Mom needs a walker .

What can I do?


I am in the last stages of my life and live alone.

What can I do?


Boquete Hospice and Health Support can answer that question you have.


What can you do? That is the question from us.


What will you need? That is another question.


If,  you can do.. a donation of $20 This Year, it will fund the efforts of Boquete Hospice and Health.


We are a community, here in Boquete.


Boquete Hospice and Health Support is here to support that community , at no cost.

Please contact  http://www.boquetehospice.org/

Or us.


If you “can do”.


Let us know .

We can arrange to pick up your $20 Donation towards “ the doing”.


Dave and Erin Ross

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