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New Item at PriceSmart

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storage container PriceSmart.jpg
Anyone needing storage solutions, may be interested in this product.


The picture  is a close representation of what PriceSmart has in the clubs right now.  Some features include:  airtight, tilt and rolling wheels for mobility, measuring scoop included, two easy openings in lid (large opening + small opening), BPA free and Food Safe.  Capacity = 60 lbs.


We currently have 20 units in the club in David, expected to sell out in 3-4 weeks. 


Wanted to pass it along in case you hadn’t seen it.  We categorize this in “Pet Supplies”, so it may be in the very back of the clubs, near pet food.  Item number #626 in case you want to ask about it at the club. 
Another suggested use for these storage containers might be to keep your bag of charcoal dry. 

Hope you are well!


Melissa Twohey


Vice President, Corporate Foods
PriceSmart, Inc
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the picture wasn't included in the post
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yes, Sassy got this from PriceSmart.  Some time back when we were at PriceSmart (a couple years ago, I think), I saw this "gringo" man scurrying around like he owned the place.  very unusual since we all know PriceSmart employs the locals.  But since he spoke english, and our spanish was pitiful, I struck up a conversation with him.  Turns out we were speaking with the Executive VP of PriceSmart, Tom Martin, who gave us his card.

One day, fairly recently ago, I wrote him about a product, and reminded him of our conversation way back then (he remembered the conversation, which I fully expected since we're so memorable! jajajaja!), and then he forwarded me to Melissa Twohey; with whom I've had some periodic ongoing conversations about products including "storage solutions".

So when she sent me a note telling me about the container described above, I thought I'd "put it out there" for any one who might find it useful.

PriceSmart is responsive to the requests of customers.  The thing I asked Tom Martin about was Grey Poupon mustard.  He told me they had it a long time ago and it wasn't a good seller, but it had been awhile and they'd be willing to try it again for a limited time.  It turned out that it was such a good seller this time that they're carrying it again, at least for the time being.  So if you like it, buy it because it could go away any time!

So I suggest, if you want an item, make the suggestion.  The Boquete.ning site, had the site for making suggestions and requests.  It might still be up on Boquete.ning somewhere.

Hope that clarifies the confusion about from whom the original post came and how the post got put on Chiriqui.life.


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Thanks for your clarification.

Agree with Penny... on those two items.

Also they did have pitted black greek olives last year...any chance of getting those back?

1 hour ago, Sassy Blake said:

I suggest, if you want an item, make the suggestion.  The Boquete.ning site, had the site for making suggestions and requests.  It might still be up on Boquete.ning somewhere.

How about getting that for this site? Since most of us do not use that "other" site anymore.

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Not sure if this contact list is up to date, but it's a starting point.
Buying Team

Prospective vendors are welcome to contact the appropriate PriceSmart buyer. Please review 
our Vendor Policy (PDF format).


U.S. Buying
Foods, Sundries, HBA


Sheri Smith
Senior V.P. Buying - Foods
(858) 404-7474

Karina Retegui
Buyer - Juices, Snacks/Cookies
(858) 404-7458

Jenny Silva
Buyer - Canned Meats, Canned Fruits/Vegetables, Pet
(858) 404-7453

Melissa Twohey
Buyer - Candy/Nuts, Grains & Pastas, Oils/Condiments
(858) 404-7414

Guy Zavodny
Buyer - Grocery, Paper/Plastic, HBA, Cleaning
(858) 404-8839

Fresh Produce, Meats, Deli, Frozen

Jose Lopez
Senior V.P. Buying - Fresh
(506) 253-7422

Phillipe Jacquemin
Buyer - Produce and Frozen
(305) 805-0693

Samantha Mejia
Buyer - Meat and Deli
(305) 805-9530


Phil Wilson
Senior V.P., Buying - Non-Foods
(858) 404-7411

Kelly Orme
Senior Buyer - Electronics
E-commerce Manager
(858) 404-7417

Linda Bolton
Buyer - Housewares, Home Furnishings, Domestics, Office Furniture
(858) 404-7427

Briana Kunzmann
Buyer - Sporting Goods, Lawn & Garden, Christmas Trim
(858) 404-7409

Yolanda Ramos
Buyer - Fashion & Basic Apparel, Toys, Jewelry
(858) 404-7430

Sandra Reyes
Buyer - E-Commerce
(858) 404-7418

Tom Sliney
Buyer - Automotive, Hardware
(858) 404-7434

Jesel G. Teigeiro
Buyer - Major & Small Appliances, Business Machines, Office Supplies
(858) 404-7426

Food Service, Prepared Foods, Bakery

Glenn Harmon
Senior V.P. - Food Service, Prepared Foods, Bakery
(305) 805-1012

Jonathan Darcangelo
Buyer - Food Service, Prepared Foods, Bakery
(305) 805-5492



Central American Regional Buying


Jesus Von-Chong
Merchandising for Central America
(507) 265-2311

Ana Luisa Bianchi
Regional Buyer - Candy, Pet, Tobacco, Liquor and Non-Foods
(502) 2-470-5080

Arnoldo Cevallos
Regional Fresh Buyer, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua
(507) 265-2311

Lucrecia Galindo
Regional Fresh Buyer, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador
(502) 2-470-5083

Kenneth Kam
Regional Buyer - Food
(507) 265-2311

Michelle Obediente
Regional Buyer - HBA, Sundries and Frozen
(507) 265-2311



Caribbean Regional Buying


Bob Coulson
Senior V.P., Caribbean Buying
(858) 404-7424

Cecil Lee Chong
Regional Buyer - Candy, Cleaning, Pets, Non-Foods
(868) 671-2378

Johann Pantin
Regional Buyer - Foods and HBA
(868) 672-2954

Prakash Isaire
Regional Fresh Buyer, Trinidad, Barbados and Jamaica
(868) 671-9813


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I asked Melissa to re-send the suggestion site since i can't find it in my inbox anymore.

I agree wholeheartedly about the pepper jack!  and the other items, too.  I'll drop her a line and she whether she's sorry she ever contacted because of all the requests!  jaja!  actually, she said she loves to hear from customers--and then, in the next sentence, is when she gave the site for suggestions.   anyway, I'll ask her about the items mentioned and will post her response.

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3 hours ago, JudyS said:

And English muffins!  What happened to those?

I don't recall ever having seen English muffins at Pricesmart. However, they always have plenty at the Deli. It's one of the very few items that is virtually always in stock.

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23 hours ago, Penny said:

Can you ask your contact to start carrying these two items again:

1. Pepper jack cheese

2. Chicken stock in cans

I saw the Swanson 12-packs of chicken broth 2 weeks ago....

now, fresh artichokes would be nice!

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2 hours ago, Penny said:

I have bought English muffins in the past at Felipe Motta. Not cheap but back in the day that was the only place that carried them.


Super Baru usually has Thomas's, but I really liked the Price Smart ones better.  Too bad they stopped selling them.

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