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ARF October Report


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Hello everyone!  For October, the amount of monthly donations was $2443.00 and expenses totaled $2032.00.  Thank you to everyone who contributed!


We received another large contribution this month and we cannot thank the donators enough!  Thank you to the anonymous donor for the $1500.00.  This will go a long way in helping us catch up on some of our bills. 


3 dogs found their forever home this month, but no cats were adopted.  If you have any friends or relatives looking for a pet, please direct them to our site or have them contact us, as we have many ready for adoption.


Please consider fostering an animal if you are able to do so.  When you foster an animal with ARF, we take care of all food and medical expenses – we just need you to provide a loving and protective environment. 

If you are not in the position to foster an animal, please consider making a donation.  Any amount is greatly appreciated.




Bingo – Unfortunately bingo was cancelled for November 3rd.  We realized a bit too late that the date fell too close to all the holidays here in Panama.  This will take place again either in January or February.


Thanksgiving Lunch/Dinner! – Get your tickets soon….we already have a large group that will be attending.  On Thanksgiving Day (November 24th) we will be having a Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings.  Rather than slave in the kitchen all day, bring your friends and family and let us do all the work and help the animals at the same time! 


As Thanksgiving is associated with a bountiful feast, we would also like to ask those attending to give back and bring a bag of food (Purina/Pedigree/Kirkland) or cat/dog toys to contribute for the many animals we currently have in our care.


The tickets will be $20.00 for adults and $10.00 for children.  The event will run from 3:00pm-5:00pm at the Animales Building and we will be raffling off two gift baskets with autumn themed goodies.  There will also be wine, beer, soda and water available for purchase.   Tea and coffee are included with the ticket price.


 Holiday Bazaar for WINOS (Women in Need of Shopping)  – This is an afternoon event planned for November 30th at Mike’s Global Grill.  Some of the venders, to mention a few, will be JUJU Beads, Los Angeles Arts, Mr. Dog and StyleDots.  Thanks very much to Yolanda The Jewelry Lady for donating two items to be raffled at this event.  Time:  12:00N-4:00pm.


Our new charges:

We came across two very sad cases this month.  Zembla (the white dog) was rescued near the airport in David.  Just skin and bones, she also has tick fever.  It will be a long road for this girl before she is healthy again. 




We also took on Pepe.  He is also needing to gain some weight and has a horrible case of mange.  He also currently has a very bad infection and is being treated with anti-biotics.  As you can see from the photo, he has very little hair.   Once healthy again, he’s going to be a very handsome boy.


As you can imagine, these are not short-term recoveries.  We want to thank the fosters for taking them in……fostering saves lives.


You can make a donation thru our website or at the Tuesday market.  Mike’s Global Grill has also set up a donation box, so stop by and have a beer and help out Zembla and Pepe.


Donations will be counted for them towards our November numbers, as October’s numbers were closed off a few days early as our accountant is currently away.


Animal Law:  We have decided to provide a few tidbits from the Animal Law 70 here in Panama in each Monthly report until we feel we have covered the relevant information pertaining to domestic animals.  Let’s start from the beginning with the purpose of this law and some definitions:

The purpose of this law is to prevent, eradicate and punish mistreatment, neglect and acts of cruelty against domestic animals.

For purposes of this decree, the following terms shall be understood as follows:

1. Domestic animal (Pet).  That species that lives or is likely to coexist with humans, posing a sentimental value, and whose life cycle takes place entirely in reliance on this.  Whether as pets, for work, for show, for sport, for farm production purposes or any activity related to humans.

2. Acts of cruelty. Inhumane actions that create pain and suffering to another living being.

3. Breeding Centers (hatcheries). Site intended for animal breeding.

4. Euthanasia. Quiet death, without suffering and induced or performed by a qualified and licensed veterinarian.

5. Exploitation. Commercial use of an animal species.

5. Overcrowding. Stacking and agglomerating animals in conditions that threaten their physical integrity and health.

6. Owner. One who has power, rights and duties of a pet.

7. Dignified Treatment. Action taken to prevent pain and suffering of the animals during breeding, transport, capture, holding, quarantine, marketing, development, training and sacrifice, among others.



ARF is a small non-profit animal organization dedicated to the rescue, care, foster and adoption of the unwanted and neglected animals in Boquete and the surrounding areas.  Please visit our website at http://www.arf-boquete.com/  if you are interested in adopting an animal.  You can also help with the financial support of these animals by clicking here http://www.arf-boquete.com/donate.html

Our email address is arf.boquete@gmail.com

Please visit and “like” our Facebook page on https://www.facebook.com/ARF-Adopt-Rescue-Foster-Boquete-Panama-260616740779036/

Also, please visit Pets Want Homes if you are interested in adopting an animal on http://www.petswanthomes.com/

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