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Chef Charlie Collins' Book "T'ACH" - About the Culinary Hertiage of Panama

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Ministry of Tourism fetes Chef Charlie Collins new book

Panamanian chef Charlie Collins rescues recipes from oblivion

The new book by the Panamanian chef is 'T'ach Native Cuisine of Panama', a gastronomic tour of Panama

El maestro nacional Charlie Collins, rodeado de platillos que encontró en su viaje por el país.

Charlie Collins, in addition to being a reference in Panama's national gastronomy, also has the qualities of a private investigator and anthropologist.

His passion for the flavors and ingredients led him to explore Panama, from north to south and from east to west, in search of recipes that are peculiar to this isthmus.

His return to the area editorial is entitled T'ach Native Cuisine of Panama, which is planned to be in bookstores in the middle of the month of November. It is part of a collection including two more works, all with the support of the Panama Tourism Authority, whose Minister, Gustavo Him, was present when this project was launched.

This is the result of four years of inquiries to cooks of all levels, ages and regions of the country.

"At first I was very apprehensive because I was going to knock on doors of houses in places I do not know but I have been received with open arms. The people of the interior are wonderful," indicated this expert in catering at a high level.

He is the author of the book, but says excitedly that the stars are those who shared their recipes and their secrets of how to prepare the food.

"The book is a rescue of our gastronomy, to the Panamanians who do not forget your meal and you are proud of our cuisine. Sometimes we are given to prefer foreign products when there is so much variety here," he said, and confesses that when going on a trip, sooner or later, he yearns for Rice with Guandu (Pigeon Peas).

In addition, the publication is a collaboration of agriculture, tourism and small businesses dedicated to food. "It was a great experience to cook with them in their kitchens and with their work methods", he noted.

Another benefit of T'ach Native Cuisine of Panama (in the Wounaam indigenous language T'ach means food) will be young chefs, that "may prepare our recipes with native ingredients to be presented in their restaurants".

Such was the information collected by Charlie Collins, that drove him to be the author of three books full of recipes (the first volume will have 130 recipes). "Panama has a great culinary tradition. He likes to give the example of sancocho which is made in Los Santos, which is different to that which was made in Veraguas".

Hiss astonishment at the findings was never diminished, even in Chiriqui, the province where he was born. "It was the impressive quantity of dishes that I was not aware of in Chiriqui".


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"T'ACH" by Panamanian chef awarded the best book of world culinary heritage

Tue, 05/29/2018 - 16:47

Diseño sin título (82)_0.jpg

The Panamanian cookbook, titled "T'ACH" and written by chef Charlie Collins, was awarded the Best Book of the World 2018 in the culinary heritage category by the Gourmand World Cookbooks Awards, reported today the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP).

Collins won the award among 120 titles competing in this category, at the ceremony held in Yantai in the Chinese province of Shandong (east).

The book T'ACH, which in the indigenous Wounaan language means banana (food), addresses the customs and indigenous cuisine of fourteen regions of the Central American country, which highlights the safeguarding of 133 recipes that have been transmitted to current generations.

The award was granted by the founder of the Gourmand Cookbook Awards, Edouard Cointreau, in the Wine Pavilion in Yantai to the Panamanian chef Collins, considered a standard of the movement that was called "New Panamanian Cuisine".

At the 2018 award, T'ACH was also nominated in the Latin American category - Published in Latin America; and Culinary and Tourism categories.

The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards were created in 1995 and since then every year it highlights the best cookbooks and wines, both print and digital, as well as in television format.

"T'ACH Cocina Autóctona Panameña" is the second publication in the professional career of chef Collins, after "Cien Años Una Historia", a tribute to the more than one hundred years of the Hotel Panamonte, located in the western province of Chiriquí.



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