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Bus trip to Nutre Hogar and info on tax deductible donations


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Hola Boquetenos:
There was a great interest expressed at the Nutre Hogar talk this morning about a bus trip to see the facility. Yira de Alvarado and her sister Judith Tovar have arranged for a bus to take us on this special excursion on Friday, October 28. We will leave at 9 AM from the BCP parking lot. Everyone will chip in $10 to cover the cost of the bus and give a small donation to Nutre Hogar. They will have a guided tour and snacks for us when we arrive.
In order to judge how big a bus we need, please email your RSVP to pjbarrett@aol.com

Also, for those who asked: Contact Phil McGuigan (pmcguigan@mcguirewoodsemeritus.com) for information on how to make your charitable donations to Panamanian charities deductible on your U.S. income tax.
Penny Barrett
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All apologies go to Brandy for not checking the calendar before choosing the date. We changed the date to Thursday, Oct 27 so she and Bob could attend. Of course, now the new date conflicts with the Buenos Vecinos food packing but we're sticking with it.

This will be a great trip to learn a lot about this wonderful institution in David. We'll get a guided tour and snacks and a little chance to leave a few dollars with them for their good work. Anybody who would like to join us on the bus trip on Thursday, Oct 27, please RSVP to Penny Barrett (pjbarrett@aol.com).

We're leaving at 9 AM from the BCP parking lot and kicking in $10 each for the trip and small contribution to Nutre Hogar.

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