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Burglary In Boquete


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At about 0830 am on Monday, October 10, the property manager of a home in a neighborhood of Boquete near the Cable and Wireless office discovered that the home had been burglarized. The Alto al Crimen Hotline received a call moments after the discovery. Twenty-four hour operator Francisco Lugo was called into action, and he immediately contacted Boquete police.
The police arrived on the scene minutes later and made a full report. Although a complete inventory is still underway, it was noted that two televisions were missing along with some other items. A louvered window had been broken, and a gate to the yard was used for entry. Police are investigating. It should be noted that jalousy windows are easily removed and used as access. AAC volunteers will visit the scene to determine other weak security areas at the property, make recommendations for improvement and provide security recommendations for the community, as applicable.
Boquete residents and visitors who are not fluent in Spanish and may not even know how to call for help in police, fire or medical emergencies need to know about, use and contribute to the support of Alto al Crimen. Our 24 hour AAC Hotline exists to serve the community, but we need financial support of the community to keep it operating and provide other AAC services.
Visit the Alto al Crimen website at altoalcrimen.info to read more and sign up. Or call 6745-2828 for information. Please leave donations at Mailboxes, Etc. in envelopes marked "Alto al Crimen."
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