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Brand New Commercial Spaces For Rent, Alto Boquete

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The first level of our brand new three story building is for commercial rent only.  Our building is coming to completion and we have the following commercial spaces available for rent: 

Ruc: 155601778-2-2015 DV:32

Edificio JDW, Barriada Barú, Carretera David- Boquete, Panamá

Tel: 730-8188 - Cell.6617-0570

email: dadimarboquetesa@gmail.com





1 COMMERCIAL SPACE 113.5 M2 (1221.7 FT2) WITH ONE BATHROOM $750.00 p/m

1 COMMERCIAL SPACE 113.5 M2 (1221.7 FT2) WITH TWO BATHROOMS $750.00 p/m

1 COMMERCIAL SPACE 104 M2 (1119.5 FT2) WITH TWO BATHROOMS $700.00 p/m

1 COMMERCIAL SPACE 109 M2 (1173.3 FT2) WITH ONE BATHROOM $700.00 p/m

In the commercial spaces only the annual payment of water is included.

Not included are the following yearly services: Electricity, Telephone, Internet, Trash pickup.

Minimum 1 Year Contract.

Payment is required for 1st and last months of rental, and deposit.

You can contact me through the above contact information or through this forum.


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