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Special on new OSX Sierra upgrades


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Having had the opportunity to work with the developer preview of OSX Sierra for several months, I'm excited for it's recent release. It's become very stable and has a great feature set, especially for users with other Apple products such as iPad, iPhone, and the Apple Watch.

Inspired Solutions is pleased to offer a special on upgrades to OSX Sierra, from now through the end of October. We are offering flat rate upgrades to OSX Sierra. Onsite upgrades during this time are $60, while we are offering upgrades for only $40 if you drop off your system for an upgrade. Some of the new features can be perceived as either increased functionality or as privacy issues, depending on your perspectives, and we will work with you to determine the best way to configure your system to account for personal differences and privacy after the upgrade.

Call today to schedule an upgrade!

Inspired Solutions


Some of the new OSX Sierra features:

  • Siri Integration - OSX now works as Siri has been working for years on iPhones and iPads.
  • Adjust your menu bars to your personal workflow.
  • Increased messaging capabilities.
  • Increased Photo searching capabilties.
  • Apple Pay on the web.
  • Share with collaborators across iCloud.
  • Copy and paste across devices.
  • Increased storage optimization locally and with iCloud.
  • Picture in Picture mode.
  • Use more tabs instead of windows for better screen organization.


Upgrade Requirements to OSX Sierra:

Mac Models Year Model ID
MacBook Late 2009 and later MacBook6,1 and later
MacBook Air 2010 and later MacBookAir3,1 and later
MacBook Pro 2010 and later MacBookPro 6,1 and later 
iMac Late 2009 and later iMac10,1 and later
Mac mini 2010 and later Macmini4,1and later
Mac Pro 2010 and later MacPro5,1 and later
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Christian advertised his Inspired Solutions right here on CL back on April 9th  (just Google it like I did)


Anyone could have called Christian in Alto Boquete to find out how long they have been in business.


Here's his posting from back then:



Inspired Solutions is offering a special on 20% off all jobs of two hours or more from now through the end of April.


Inspired Solutions offers a wide variety of services and solutions. We assist with planning, design, integration, and training for all your computer and information technology needs.
  • Computer and Laptop Services
    • Apple OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux / UNIX
      • System updates, configurations, and optimizing
      • Hardware upgrades and repair
      • Security analysis and configurations
  • Mobile and Tablets
    • Apple iOS and Google Android
      • Installation and upgrades
      • Screen repairs
  • Networking
    • Wireless and wired networks
    • Switches and routing configurations
    • Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
  • Home Theater Systems
    • Home Theater design and implementation
    • Movie, Music, and TV show automation
  • Security Solutions
    • Backup Solutions to protect your critical data
    • Network and Perimeter Security
      • Firewalls, Intrusion Detection, Antimalware
    • System / Host based Security
      • Firewalls, Intrusion Detection, Antimalware
    • VPN and Data Encryption
  • Server Services
    • Web Site Design
    • Hosting Services
      • Email
      • Web Sites
      • VPN
  • Custom Software and Development
    • Custom applications for mobiles, tablets, computers, and server services

Inspired Solutions has extensive experience in computer, networking, and server systems that allows us to provide a wide range of services and solutions to address all your technology needs. Over 30 years of experience with managing and coding for Apple Macs, and 25 years with both Microsoft Windows and Linux/UNIX. We have provided services to clients ranging from home and home office to global Fortune 10 companies. We offer comprehensive services for computer and laptop systems, mobile and tablets (both iPhone/iPad and Google Android), wireless and wired networking, home theater systems, and server services such as web site and email design and hosting.

Contact us today to help you plan, install, maintain, and service all your computer and internet needs.

Inspired Solutions

Located in Alto Boquete, near Dorado Shopping Center

** Local references available upon request. **
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No criticism of the product or business was intended.

Testimonials which are written in the first person just do not come across as valid testimonials if they're not attributed to anyone.

This announcement, like many others, would be far more effective if there was a personal signatory.

Edited by Keith Woolford
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