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Butterfly House: Volunteer Program now looking for weekend help


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Our Butterfly Volunteer Program


We are looking to ramp up our Butterfly House Volunteer program in the Spirit of our Founder Ralph B Dessau to cover Saturday and Sunday as well as week days.  If anyone is interested in volunteering over the weekend, please let us know.  

The Butterfly House is located on the Honey Farm home of Miel Boquetena in Los Naranjos.  Thank you community as the last time we sent out this email, we added 10 more volunteers and are now working with two people or more each day to help us breed our butterflies during the week.   We went from one per day to two as it seemed to be fun for the volunteers and there was a lot of interest, it has been great for us too.  A great success for our staff, our business as well as the volunteers who have met new people, learned fun things and become part of our family and team.

As a re-cap:  We are looking for residents who would like to spend Saturday or Sunday morning with us helping us take care of our caterpillars and rear butterflies for the Ralph Dessau Butterfly House in Boquete.   Also, to provide English support in the butterfly house and for honey, honey wine and coffee tastings.  We have 8 full time Panamanian staff members on the farm, they are all trying to learn better English and would enjoy practicing with you.  

Skills needed: Passion for nature, not afraid of bugs. Interested in plants and able to learn what different host plants look like.  Good with people and enjoy meeting new people. Good with hands, and good vision (we do have magnifying glasses) Some of the work with butterfly eggs and caterpillars is delicate.

We offer:

- Unlimited coffee and a bag of coffee a week and wholesale prices on honey and gift items in the shop
- Access to our team who are very knowledgable in plants and wildlife as well as Panamanian life and can practice Spanish 
- Free tours on the farm and chance to meet lots of interesting visitors and help with our school tours and grow with us as we build this operation and expand into doing more not for profit work.

Contact mielboquetena@gmail.com or 67130043 if interested.  We are also Boquetebutterflies on Instagram if you would like to see some pictures.

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Mailing address: Rare Isthmus Honey, El Jardin Del Cafe, Cruce de Los Naranjos, Boquete, Chiriqui, xxx, Republic of Panama
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Emily Catherine Haworth
Email: emilychaworth@gmail.com
Twitter: @EmilyBoquete
Web: www.boquetecoffee.com 
Phone: 67130043
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