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Rodny Direct Helpline Signup - Thurs. Sept. 29, 11am-3pm at La Villa in BCP


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A recommendation for Rodny Direct:

I live in Volcan. Recently was one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard of. Even in my bedroom, doors and windows closed, LOUD (but pleasant) white noise from my air purification machine, I could hear all sorts of racket which appeared to be coming from several blocks away. (One could hardly call it "music.") Around 11:00 I called Rodny, who called the police for me. He called me back, saying  there was a "car contest" to find whose car had the loudest speakers...and the "contest" had been given a permit by the mayor until 2:00 am. The mayor lives in Bugaga, of course, not Volcan. (Until our new Tierras Altas district goes into effect in 2018, we are still in the Bugaba district.)  Rodny reported that the police said they had received a LOT of calls about the racket, and shortly after 11:00, it did stop. (Maybe the mayor got a lot of calls, too!)

To explain about Rodny: He has a service, $80 per year, and he accepts calls 24 hours a day. Fully bi-lingual, of course. I can speak Spanish about dogs and clinics all day long without any problem, but I'm sure I'd not be very successful in calling the police, the fire department, for an ambulance, etc. in an emergency, so Rodny takes care of that for his clients. It's well worth the money in my opinion.

A couple of months ago I called Rodny about very LOUD partying just about a block from my house. Even at a distance of more than a block away, my windows were vibrating from the bass so much that I was concerned my windows would shatter! Rodny and I kept in touch and he had to call the police more than once. The police came and shut down the noise just after 10:00. I didn't know those particular neighbors or I would have politely asked them myself. A few times neighbors that I do know were blasting some loud "music" and they very kindly turned it down when I politely asked them to.

Question for another subject: I often wonder what is the Panamanians' love of LOUD racket...the LOUDER the better, it seems.

Anyway, in my opinion a subscription to Rodny's service is well worth the money.

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18 hours ago, Dottie Atwater said:

Question for another subject: I often wonder what is the Panamanians' love of LOUD racket...the LOUDER the better, it seems.




Not all panamanians.... only the younger who likes "reggaeton" at loud volume to hear the bass very deep inside their bodies.   WE, the older panamanians, dont like music at very high level specially at late night.  Our ears are not used to those levels.  I got 3 sons in the early 20's and sometimes they meet their friends at my house and their friends came with their huge and powerful car stereos at full volume that the windows, the glassware and other stuff in my house started to shake.  I call my sons and tell them to place the volume at a level they could talk themselves clearly without shouting and that this loud volume will disturb neighbors and of course myself at home.  

Only the saturday or sunday afternoons.... I commit this sin.  I turn on my home stereo that is located in my home office/studio to listen my Rock and Roll oldies of the sixties and seventies.  I enjoy listening my favorite groups like The Who, Led Zeppeling, Santana, Pink Floyd, Boston, etc  at a "not so extremely high volume" .  Please pay attention to "not so extremely high".   But I will never disturb the quiet environment of my neighbors.  

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