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Finca Santa Marta Organic Produce and more!


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Hola from Finca Santa Marta,


Kim and I are headed back to Virginia for a month on the 29th so this Tuesday is your last chance to see our full line of imported foods, spices, essential oils etc. for a few weeks.

Our dedicated crew will continue to be at the Tuesday Morning Market  every week just like they have been since the beginning with fresh organic produce and free-range chickens and eggs… just not as much other inventory.

As always you can place your order online, by Sunday midnight, and pick it up at the Tuesday market or in Dolega or David at drop off points.  Contact us for more information.http://fincasantamarta.biz/

Special for this week is… if you order in advance off the web site, and Buy 2 dozen eggs and you will get the 3rd dozen for free.  Be sure to state this special (Buy 2 dz get 1 free) in the notes field on your order.

Also we need to mention that it is now official… Finca Santa Marta is listed with Magda Crespo Realty for sale.  After being in Panama for over 13 years and spending the last 8 plus years developing FSM, from a 42 acre cattle grazing farm, we are offering it as a going business with an established clientele to someone a bit younger.  We are not leaving Panama but it is time to simplify our lives.   For more information you can contact Magda at her office or http://www.mcpanamarealty.com/ or feel free to contact me directly at 6459-5218 before Sept. 29th or at my US phone number 540-246-0250 after that date.

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