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Holistic Panama - Health Assessments & Liposomal Supplements


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Holistic Panama 
A Healing Arts Practice Dedicated to the Wise, Original, & Sacred Ways of Recovering Harmony with Nature
Are you Interested in Detoxifiying Your Body ? 
Holistic Panama is Now Offering "Vega Testing" Methods to  Analyze Specific Toxicity in Your Body ... 
The Unfortunate Fact is that Toxicity is Everywhere and  is One of The Most Significant Factors in Determining Your State Of Health for Better or Worse ..  And  No Matter Where you Live  in this Toxic Overloaded  World , You can bet that You already have Multiple types of Health Wrecking  Toxicity  that is Accumulated  in your body Creating the Root  Cause of Any  Health Imbalances .. 
So What do you Do About it ? 
With " Vega Testing " Combined with Other  Sensitive  Holistic Evaluation Methods You can Discover   What Kind of Specific Toxins you Have Accumulated - How They were Accumulated -  and What Kind of Havoc they are Causing  to your Health and of course - how To Intelligently and Effectively Eliminate Them With Effective Natural Detoxification ....
With Our Holistic Testing Methods You can Finally  Identify
 Long Held Toxins in your Body such as  :
Heavy Metal Toxicity 
Chemical Toxins ( Will be Mostly from Pesticides) 
Radiation Toxicity  ( ElectroMagnetic & Other) 
Industrial Toxins 
Parasites ( Bacteria, Viruses, Intestinal Worms & Amoeba's)
Mold Toxins 
and Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies 
There has been Amazing Feedback from the Liposomal Vitamin Supplements Especially the Liposomal Vitamin C ...   High Dose Vitamin C has been used to Effectively Cure Cancer since the 1970's ..  It is the 
Fastest Way to Boost the Immune System when Working to Overcome Health Challenges ..  Encapsulating the Vitamin C in a Liposomal Layer Makes it Directly Bio-Available to the Cells ..  With over 90% Direct Absorption , It is Just as Powerful as Intravenous Vitamin C Therapy !    We take alot of Care to Ensure a Well Made Product free from Heavy Metals and Offer Almost Twice the Amount of Liposomal Vitamins
for what is Commonly Found Online .. 
We offer Many Holistic & Natural Medicine Services  , Therapies & Treatments , As Well as Some of the Finest Targeted Health Supplements  at  Holistic Panama 
BioResonance Technology -  Advanced Healing Technology Based on Radionics, BioFeedback, Vibrational Medicine & Homeopathy ..  Providing Evaluations & Health Assessments  with over 97% Reproducible Accuracy on Multiple Levels of Health & Wellness States ...
Certified Functional Homeopathy ( With the Ability to Compose & Create Hundreds of Homeopathic Remedies & Also to Determine Compatible Remedies Specific To your Body's Needs ).. 
Energetic & Emotional Healing Sessions (Also a Very Important & Often Overlooked Root Cause of Health Problems , Disorders & Diseases ) 
LIposomal vitamins & Supplements  (The Safest and Fastest Way to Balance Nutritional Deficiencies in the Body ) 
Guided and Assisted Detoxification Programs , Coaching & Support 
 Functional Holistic & Spiritual Education , Classes & Retreats 
Please Call or Email for More Information - Location - Prices & Healing Packages 
Holistic Panama 
6377 9291
Thank You !
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