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Tuesday Talks at BCP -- The guy who might save your life


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10:30 in the BCP Theater
Tuesday September 13 – This is the guy who might save your life!! Angel Rodriguez will speak on the science of volcanology and the early alert system he monitors on Volcan Baru. Angel was born in Panama but graduated from the University of Washington where he married his wife Carla Black. Angel has been a tinkerer and inventor all his life. In his previous life he made bicycles and computers. Spending winters in Volcan,  Panama, Angel started building telescopes. He then turned his attention to making seismometers. He constructed the mechanical parts, designed and built the electronics and wrote the software to create his first seismographs.  Eventually he built his own private seismic network.  Presently he has a nice electronics lab, several 3D printers, a laser cutter, CNC mills, lathes and all the tools a maker might want. He has a passion for making seismographs, including affordable personal seismographs for your home. His Kickstarter campaign has 597 backers and has raised $99,258.00. Raspberry Shake your personal seismograph.
Tuesday September 20 --  Merl Will-Wallace will speak on how to stay “Forever Young in Paradise!” Retirement, new income, new home, new language, new friends  -  how to assemble all the puzzle pieces in retiring to Panama and how to have fun at the same time. As good as we plan retirement offers many changes that come as a surprise. Learn the common pitfalls that occur in retirement and how to engage them in a conscious, positive manner – not stressfully. Merl is a coach and counselor who, for the last 20 years, has helped people navigate change for a more positive and fruitful life. He is the author of the book Awakening in Change.
Tuesday September 27After living in Boquete for 5 years, Penny Ripple decided to move to Cuenca, Ecuador. Good thing she didn’t sell her house in Boquete because, after a year, she moved back to Boquete and will never leave again. Find out why. Her presentation will include a slide show and will also update her experience with current information about Cuenca.
 Tuesday October 4 – Dr. Alfredo Molto, high level plastic surgeon practicing in David will speak about advancements in plastic surgery and his work with Operation Smile in Panama.
Tuesday October 11 – David MacKenzie will speak on “Diseases Are Your Friends” and are messages from your body (and God).  Medicines are unnatural and toxic and just kill the messenger. David believes the great majority of diseases are caused by diet and lifestyle and we all need to know the biologically correct diet.
Tuesday October 18 – Meet the Wardens. We will introduce Hank Landis and Bonnie Williams, the two new U.S. wardens, Tricia Daugherty, the British Consular Agent, and Mika Kosaki Oldham, Consul and First Secretary of the Canadian embassy. These folks will speak about what their respective embassies can and cannot do for their citizens, how and when to contact them, their citizen registries maintained by the embassies, and other pertinent topics raised by the audience. A must attend program for all U.S., Canadian and British citizens.
Tuesday October 25Expats — Would it be helpful if you had someone you could trust to manage your affairs in the states while you enjoy your life in Panama?  Could you use someone in the U.S. to handle your U.S. mail, medication needs, insurance, social security, bank or other companies in the U.S.?  Richard Green of Expat Concierge U.S, will be talking about the numerous services he can provide.  Richard is based in South Florida and has 30+ years of Operations, Management and Logistics experience. His website is www.ExpatConciergeUS.com..  FREE ADMISSION.
Tuesday November 1 – Mark & Martine Heyer, Rodny Fuentes & Irma Castillo Smith present their group health insurance policies for members of Rodny Direct. Martine will speak on 2 or 3 different health insurance plans that exist and that will give discounts for group members. Rodny and Mark will be there to sign up folks for Rodny Direct. Irma Castillo Smith will be the plan administrator for the Rodny Direct group insurance plans.
Tuesday November 8Allison Tilluma will speak about detoxification of the body, how the body naturally detoxifies, why it is necessary, and what we can do to support it in a nourishing and natural way. Allison is a local massage therapist, herbalist, and yoga teacher. She has been specializing in alternative medicine for the past 10 years after realizing Western medicine was not effectively treating her issues.
Tuesday November 15 – Kevin Fisher (aka Sparky Boquete) will give a talk/demonstration on cutting edge light based wellness technology. These products are used for appetite control, cell repair, detoxification, sleep, pain relief, energy, stress, and inflammation control. FREE ADMISSION
Tuesday November 22 -- Price Peterson, Peter Sterling, and Rodrigo Marciacq on the scientific and economic facts  and the truth) about GMO products especially as they exist in Panama.
Tuesday November 29 – Dr. Peter Juhos, owner of Natural Alternative Health, S.A. in David will speak about the programs his clinic offers. FREE ADMISSION
Tuesday, Dec. 27 – Darrell Eash presents Camels & Chameleons (Learning to Thrive in a New Environment). How to understand and appreciate the differences between Latinos and Gringos, and how to adapt to and succeed in a culture and language different from your own. Darrell’s knowledge in this area comes from being born and raised in Venezuela, living there until he left for college in the U.S. He’s also worked among Latinos for nearly 28 years, and has traveled extensively to all but four Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America. Darrell will address the 10 cultural differences between Latino and Gringo cultures and explain how they can harmoniously work together.
Tuesday January 3 – Boquete Hospice and Health presents “Being Prepared.” Do you know the legalities in Panama if you were to die or become ill and unable to make very important medical decisions for yourself?  Laws you're familiar with in your home country do not apply! Did you know that you must have enough cash on hand to pay a doctor to pronounce someone dead and to have the mortuary pick you up? No credit cards.  No IOUs.  What will you do if you're hospitalized in an emergency and can't express what medical treatment you want?  And who can legally enter your home to feed your pets if you can't? What's your legal marital status?  What about wills?  There's a lot we ASSUME we know but we don't.
Tuesday January 24 -- Alvaro Almengor of Hatstone Lawyers, a boutique law firm with five partners across four offices (Jersey, London, Panama and South Africa) will speak.  They are primarily a corporate and private law firm, and work regularly on cross border structures for international clients. they regularly advise international banks, financial services business, foreign corporations, local business, public and private companies, directors, shareholders, entrepreneurs and high-net-worth individuals on all aspects of corporate and commercial law. In Panama, in particular, they have expertise in incorporating companies and foundations, construction and property, employment, immigration, taxation, corporate and commercial, succession planning and asset protection, cross-border transactions, new business establishment and general legal advice. FREE ADMISSION
To suggest a speaker or topic for these meetings please email BCP Tuesday Meeting
To become a vendor at the Tuesday market, email Elena Serracin
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