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Pilates at the Haven! 4 Mornings Weekly for Body/Mind Intelligence & Strong Muscles


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"I just returned from a short trip to Santa Catalina and this is what I noticed when I was there. The hotel where I stayed has 5 zillion steps up to it on the top of a hill. Walking down these stairs was a challenge as the width of each step-top to bottom- varied. Some were 1 step wide, some were 2 steps wide and some were even 3 steps wide. I noticed, wanting to be as rhythmic as possible descending these stairs, that I had to look at each approaching step and evaluate how many steps I would be taking to navigate myself down. Obviously, they required quite a bit of concentration and skill.

One afternoon- having lots of time on my hands- I decided to do a Pilates Magic Circle work-out, by placing my yoga mat on the wooden lanai in front of my room. After doing so, what I noticed, was that as I descended the stairs on my way down, I didn't need to evaluate how I'd be stepping. All I needed to do was look at the step in front of me and my body/mind naturally knew what to do. I found myself rhythmically descending the stairs with much more ease and grace than before my work-out. Being the Pilates advocate and fan that I am, I stood there at the bottom of the stairs in awe of my experience, and inwardly thanked Joseph Pilates for the exceptionally great exercise form he created!"
- Susan Clare- Pilates Instructor
Come to class and try it for yourself! I was a Yoga instructor for over 20 years, who always integrated some Pilates into the Yoga. But now, after attaining a Pilates Instructor's Certification, I've been teaching Pilates solely for almost 5 years. Doing so, I'm constantly amazed at how Pilates does it all! It builds muscles, improves balance, develops flexibility, increases core strength, enhances coordination, teaches good posture and, to top it all off, is a ton of fun! Pilates also doesn't ask the student to do anything potentially harmful to the body, or any type of asymmetrical configuration. In short, Pilates was way ahead of his time and deeply knew what he was doing. I'm in awe at the intelligence of the terrific exercise system he created. Go Pilates!
Ongoing Pilates Mat Classes Using Props - 4 mornings weekly- Mondays, Tuesdays , Thursdays and Fridays, 8:30- 9:30 a.m., in the Incomparably beautiful exercise room at the Haven. All props provided- including mats, different size balls, light hand weights, stretchy bands. 
*Experiences with the Magic Circle and the foam roller are offered as well as effective substitutions, in support of ordering your own from Amazon in the states. 
 Mondays and Thursdays- incorporating the Magic Circle, Tuesdays and Fridays-" using the Foam Roller.
Questions? Email Susan Clare, Certified Pilates Instructor at suzeclare@gmail.com
Hoping to see you Soon! It's a Great Time to begin as Classes are small! Private sessions are also available for one, two or three people at different times.
P.S. One need not be a member of the Haven to partake of Classes or Spa services. 
* Yoga classes are also available at the Haven.
For more information contact: yiayogapanama@gmail.com 
YiA YOGA @ 6630-3769 
Visit us online for a full class schedule 
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