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You are an active person and looking for a new best friend? Zepher could be the one for you.


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We are moving back to Europe and we are looking for a caring person to welcome our beloved Zepher in his/her family. She is more or less 3,5 years old,  neutered and fit as a fiddle. Zepher is a quiet, playful dog. She loves to be active. If you like to bring her with you to hikes, bike rides or horseback rides, you have not to ask her twice. During the day she enjoys taking sun baths and remains very quiet and resting during the day. She is very loyal, and social with dogs, cats and farm animals.  She enjoys to stay close to her family, loves every invitation for cuddling, and she is also well behaved and respects your rules and borders. Zepher is definitely not a dog who wants to be leashed all day long, and dislikes staying in a closed room alone for longer time. She knows the leash and accepts today to be leashed for a few hours. Whatever you want from her, you will get it as long you are straight and fair with her, and give her the security and trust she needs. She is very sensitive in this and she often taught us many lessons. For this we are very grateful.  All in all we have to say she is the best dog we ever met in our lives and we will miss her a lot.


If you want to know Zepher please contact us, Michael (english/ german) or Lily (spanish/ english), write us a WhatsApp or send us a Email. We are looking forward to hear from you. We are living in Brisas, close to the cross to Caldera.



Mic 6875 8276

Lily 6775 8958

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