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Panama Crime Rates Falling; Highway Deaths Climbing

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Panama crime rates falling

Posted on August 24, 2016 in Panama

Gang murder scene
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CRIME RATES in Panama  have been on a  downward path for the last two years  according to Minister of Security Alexis Bethancourt.

At the start of a crime conference In Panama Bethancourt said that in 2009 there were 818 murders, while in 2014 that number fell to 631. In 2015 there were 493 homicides, and 263 so far this year.

“We estimate that this year will end with between 9 and 10 victims per 100,000 residents,” he said at the beginning of a crime conference taking place in Panama.

He added that drug seizures have increased. In 2015 authorities seized 58 tons of drugs, and so far this year more than 40 tons have been seized.


Seized drugs

The InSight Crime Foundation  reports that Panama and Guatemala have seen a sizeable increase in drug seizures through the first half of 2016, an indication of Central America’s persistent importance as a trafficking route to the United States despite past predictions of an impending shift towards the Caribbean.

The minister said that to further lower crime rates the country’s security agencies need to focus on fighting organized crime


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Panama homicides fall, road deaths climb

Posted on January 3, 2017 in Panama

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HOMICIDES in Panama during 2016  fell to  386 from 445 in 2015 but traffic fatalities shot up from 403 to 458.

Of the homicide  total, 71% was perpetrated with a firearm, 16% with a knife and 13% by other methods.

The most prominent motives continue to be adjustments in accounts, drugs and drug trafficking, gangs and delinquency squabbles. 52 people died because of robberies.

The days in which more murders were committed were on Sundays, with a total of 117 cases, and the hours preferred by the criminals were from 6:00 p.m. until midnight

Good results
President of, Juan Carlos Varela, says the security plan is giving good results.

In his report to the nation,  he said said that in 30 months of government the rate of homicides  has fallen by 47%: from 17 per 100,000 inhabitants to 9 per 100,000 inhabitants.

“I do not dare say if this year was less  violent than the previous year, but our numbers reflect the drop in homicides,” said National Police Director Omar Pinzón.

He said  that work will continue to reduce crime in the country.

Some of the more notorious killings listed by El Siglo included businessman Hernando Vélez Uribe, a 65-year-old Colombian, who was found in the Chagres River inside his car.

Vélez had the seat belt around his neck and was tied hands and feet in the back seat. Three people were arrested.

In, the province of Chiriquí the most disturbing  case was the murder of Professor Diosila Martinez, 41

She disappeared on November 11 and was found buried on a farm on December 5. Police  are looking for a teacher who had a relationship with her.

In Cocle, the crime of the year was that of the Kelimar Martínez, who was three months pregnant  when murdered by her boyfriend. He is in detention.

Six corpses  including one woman were found in a common grave in La Primavera, Villalobos, in Pedregal.

One of the bodies was identified as a Costa Rican.


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