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The ad states that the funds derived from the Amigos de Animales annual venta de patio supports the spay and neuter clinics, which operate at a loss. Anyone who has lived here for very long knows the work of AdA, but they constantly educate people about what they do.

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Yes...totally understand what they are about. And they do great work!

I was just wondering what is their collection of funds verses expenses? Just like ARF post every month. I have never seen one for Animales. Perhaps if folks SEE the numbers and the loss that they are operating at it would prompt them to step up to the plate and help even further?

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39 minutes ago, Bonnie said:

That spells out what they took in, but to see expenses, you have to request a financial statement.  Why not include expenses in the annual report just as they do income?  As TwoSailors says, if there is a big gap with expenses exceeding income, wouldn't that inspire people to donate, especially since a good chunk of income will be lost due to the demise of B4B?

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And I agree with Judy and Two Sailors and other members of our community for Animales to periodically (quarterly?) publish a complete income and expense statement. In all the boards and charities I've been involved with, I always liked to err on the side of transparency.

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Our financial statements are available on request.  We do operate at a loss and our financials are done by a CPA who volunteers her time.    Will get you a copy if you contact us via our website.   Many of our members also support ARF as we both work for the good of the animales here in boquete.   Have you ever volunteered at a clinic?  If not would love to have you see our organization in action.   Opportunity to see how we do things this Sunday at our facility in Alto Boquete across from Super Center Ivan.

Feel free to contact me as well.  Dottie Thompson co-president  Amigos de Animales Boquete

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We have been volunteers and know what a great service you do. This is not about what your organisation does. The question is: Why not post your financials on this site? Just like ARF does? Why does one have to go through your web site?

Would it not benefit your fund raising by allowing folks to see that you are running a loss to generate more donations? 

As Penny stated above, "is it not better to err on the side of transparency?"

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Here is the recap of the August clinic, including financials:

On Sunday August 28, Amigos de Animales spayed or neutered 141 animals: 76 dogs and 65 cats.  We had three vets working plus Dr. Sandy who donates her services to us. As usual, we had a great group of volunteers for which we are thankful. We said good-bye to Barbara Phillips, one of our best volunteers. We wish all the best to Barbara and Ian and their now life in Spain.


The below is a statement of our clinic expenses from the August clinic.  There are no fixed expenses and our income varies from month to month depending on the number of animals received, the number that are paid for, and the donations received.  Our expenses are the vets, payment for whatever transportation is used to transport the animals to and from the clinic, our one paid employee who is our bi-lingual reservationist, and the various supplies and medicines.  Some of the supplies might include copies for the registration forms, food supplies (people donate our meals but we still need water, soft drinks or juice, snacks and other things that we need to keep the vets and volunteers happy during clinic day), medicines, laundry, and dozens of other things that we use at every clinic. 


Here is one example:  every month we go through bags and bags of sheets and towels used in the surgery area and in recovery, many of them bloody and/or soiled with urine or feces.  The bags first go home with one of our volunteers who sorts through them and throws out anything that does not belong or is past laundering.  (Barbara Phillips, who is mentioned above, did this for us for several years – we are now looking for a new volunteer to take over this responsibility). We have a lovely woman in Alto Boquete who takes in the laundry after the sorting and returns it all to us folded and bagged and ready for another month. That expense is usually around $30-$40 plus detergent and bleach.  Another volunteer couple take in the cloth drapes used in surgery – these have to be both washed and sterilized.  There are so many things that go in to our clinics and we thank all the wonderful people who work before, during, and/or after to support us.


I will provide this report at the end of the clinic recap that I post every month.  If you have any questions, you may contact me at akcleavenger@hotmail.com.  I would like to invite everyone to come to any of our clinics and see us in action.  Just ask for me, Alicia , and I will gladly give you a tour, explain the process of the clinic, and hopefully convert you into a volunteer.


The Venta de Patio is coming up on Sunday September 18 at El Cacho gimnasio in Boquete from 9 – 2. We hope you all will be there.




Clinic Income






Total Income





Building Repairs/Maint



Cat Traps



Clinic Maintenance



Clinic Supplies






Food/Kitchen Supplies













Office Expense



Phone Card/Internet



Salary - Clinic Coordinat






Vet Services



Total Expense



Net Income



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