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Another minor issue I've run into (and I do have a couple of fallback plans) is finding appropriately priced and packaged 81mg aspirin.  I've been taking it for years on my US doctor's advice and of course it's cheap and easy in the US.  So far in Boquete and David, however, it's a different story.  I've found the 81mg packs of maybe 30 tablets, but priced at almost $10 or more, since it's labeled and sold as "cardio aspirina".  Yet a box of 20 500 mg aspirin tabs is priced around $2.  Anyone can see the math doesn't make sense nor does trying to cut 500 mg tabs into 100 mg pieces.  So I can either buy bulk on-line at Amazon or Walgreen's, etc. and have it shipped here, buy a few years supply when I visit the US in September, or ask this community if anyone has a better local solution.  Thanks in advance.

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