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MINSA-CAPSI Health Centers in Los Anastacios and Volcan

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This October 2015 press release from the Ministry of Health somewhat explains the functions of the MINSA-CAPSI Health Centre in Caimito, Los Anastacios.



This Thursday the 9th of October, the Ministry of Health opened the second MINSA-CAPSI of the province of Chiriqui. On this occasion the district of Dolega, will benefit from a better attention, with the commissioning of this modern health facility.

The Minister of Health, Dr. Francisco Javier Terrientes on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Panama fulfills the promise to bring health to all Panamanians with equity and quality.

With an investment of $ 2,710,198.00 this MINSA-CAPSI unit will benefit a population of 49,227 belonging to Dolega, Dos Rios, Los Anastacios, Potrerillos, Potrerillos Abajo, Rovira, Tinajas and Los Algarrobos.

Dr. Francisco Javier Terrientes, said, "These facilities are built with the highest degree of complexity, seeking to develop new models of health care facilities in Panama; they are yours and for your use" said the Minister of Health.

The MINSA-CAPSI of Dolega, will be offering the services of general medicine, external consultation, Odontology, Nursing, Weight Control, Injectables, Vaccination, Psychology, Nutrition, and Social Work.

In regards to the service of diagnosis and treatment there is a Pharmacy, Clinical Laboratory, Imaging Center;  and in the area of Emergency services Observation, Shock and Trauma, Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation , Nebulization and Ambulance.

Other areas that form part of the administrative structure of the MINSA-CAPSI Dolega are: Medical Records, Administration, sterilization, Virtual Library, a conference room for 80 persons, Public Health and Health Promotion.

A modern health facility that has a construction area of 5,681.46 m2 is a work which was carried out by the company Hispano Construction Panamanian (HPC), meeting the highest standards of quality in modern facilities of health.

The MINSA-CAPSI centers are a creation of the Ministry of Health (MINSA) based on the needs of each segment of the health sector to innovate medical services, with the purpose of bringing fairness to all Panamanians thus improving the quality of life for the interior population.


Here's another definition of CAPSI as provided by the Ministry of Health. http://www.minsa.gob.pa/cartera-salud/minsa-capsi


These are facilities of the Ministry of Health providing the first level of attention with the highest degree of complexity that seeks to develop new models of facilities incorporating human resources and information and communication technology (ICT) to provide the population with an integrated care to the network of services to the regional and national level within the framework of the renewed strategy for Primary Health Care and according to the care model individual, family, community and environmental.

The typology of both Health Centers is similar. It is a building of a single plant, composed of a central core formed by the main lobby, to which is appended to both sides the different departments of the services for which it is made up of: reception and administration, the medical records, the pharmacy, classroom and library, clinical laboratory, physiotherapy, imaging, and external consultations.

There is also a new MINSA-CAPSI in Volcan.


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