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Gluten Free Gold's menus for BCP market on Saturday


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Gluten Free Gold
Everything we do is gluten free and produced in a dedicated kitchen
Please join us on Saturday at the BCP market from 11-2
This is an optimistic list of what I hope to make for you
Chocolate Babka    Lemon Bread
Morning Muffins    Yucca Bread
Soy Rolls    Goat Cheese and Chive Rolls
Jalapeno Corn Bread    Coconut Cookies
Vegetable Quiche    Sriracha Chicken Buns
Assorted Flatbread Crackers
Por favor unase a nostros el sabado en el Mercado BCP, un evento gourmet de 11-2
Esta es una lista optimista de lo que espero hacer para usted.
Babka de chocolate    Pan de limon
Magdalenas de manana   Pan de yucca
Rollos de Cebollis y queso de cabra
Galletas de coco   Scones de anandanos
Pan de maiz y jalapeno    Tarta de huevo y verdura
Panecillo de pollo sriracha
Pan sin levadura
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