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Unusual Mistake at Gas Station - Be Alert!

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Hi I was in alto boquete at the gas station and had my car filled up.  The attended said that the charge was $40.  Being old and slow it took me a minute or so to realize that my car could not possible hold $40 so I got out and looked at the pump, one pump said $29 the other $40.  I went to the attendant who was making a receipt he immediately said he was sorry he had made a mistake and dug around for my correct $29 receipt.  I did not take it any further because he could have made a mistake however I have had the exact same thing happen in mexico only caught it after I got the incorrect receipt and change.  There is no charge or accusation here, I am posting this to just Be Alert!  Mistakes can cost you money so pay attention.


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Your story brought back a memory of an evening job I had in high school working at a full service gas station.  Some people might remember the days when the pump attendant washed the bugs off of your windows, and checked your tire pressure, oil level, and water in the radiator.  I had trouble staying focused then, just as I do now, and after adding a quart of oil I realized that I had put it into the radiator.  It's pretty easy to make an unintentional mistake.

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