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Police and Public Security Forces in the Spotlight

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Public Security Forces in the Spotlight

Police Corruption under Scrutiny

Three members of the National Police were dismissed by the Disciplinary Board of the entity as a result of 'Operation Imprisonment': a Captain, a Sergeant and a Chief.

De acuerdo con estadísticas oficiales, se han tramitado mil 996 expedientes contra miembros de la Policía Nacional entre julio de 2014 y junio de 2015.

So far in 2016, 32 members of the National Police (PN) have been removed from the entity by cases linked to corruption and disciplinary misdemeanors, according to statistics of the institution itself.

Last Friday night, for example, three policemen were dismissed who are allegedly linked to the criminal network detected in the penitentiary system, which was devoted to alter criminal judgments, falsifying ballots of freedom and defrauding relatives of inmates, as confirmed by the director of the institution, Omar Pinzón.

The case was submitted to the Disciplinary Board of the entity and involves a Captain, a Sergeant and a Chief.

Figures from the direction of Professional Responsibility (DRP) realize that between July 2014 and June 2016, investigations against members of the National Police, for alleged irregularities, which has caused 175 dismissals of agents of different ranges.

"We ourselves depuramos. These cases are judicializados. The members of the National Police have to be clear in its principles of integrity and how does not affect the image of the institution," said Olmedo Moreno of the DRP.


are three members of the National Police (PN) that are allegedly linked to the criminal network dedicated to alter criminal judgments, falsify ballots of freedom and defraud to relatives of inmates, organization that was dismantled last Wednesday through Operation imprisonment.

Last Friday, 12 August, at night, the three police officers were dismissed from the institution, assured official sources.

But these are not the only cases linked with corruption and violation of rules in the heart of the entity. Statistics of the Directorate of Professional Responsibility (DRP) of the National Police, reveal that between July 2014 and June 2016, nearly 2,000 investigations against members of the police have been opened, which caused 175 dismissals. 12 of these cases are related to drug trafficking.

In 2016 alone there have been 32 dismissals of police for allegedly committing irregular practices.

Olmedo Moreno, director of DRP, explained that there are three ways to start an investigation within the entity. Ex officio, which occurs when they learn of any situation through the media or any information that they arrive at the office.

Also open files in the event that any person brought the complaint in the own PN, and is also being investigated to its staff when they are the subject of complaints.

As regards to the 12 cases related to drug trafficking, Moreno said here they worked in coordination with the public prosecutors office of drugs. For example,he  mentioned the case in which he was involved a subcomisionner of the PN in a shootout in the Martin Avenue Sosa, in the capital. That act occurred in October 2015.

He also recalled the operation in which reversed a network of drug traffickers in Panama this, and where it was detected that four staff members of the National Police were involved: two Captains, a Sergeant and an official. The occurrence was recorded in March 2015. "We our debugging ourselves. These cases are judicialized. The members of the National Police have to be clear in its principles of integrity to not affect the image of the institution", added Moreno.

The role of the GIA

Last April, the United States Department of State, in a report, pointed out that the institutions of security and justice of Panama remain susceptible to corruption and drug trafficking.

In addition, left in evidence the difficulties that has the public force for prosecuting the crimes of money laundering, as well as the complex financial crimes. That same month, the president of the Republic, Juan Carlos Varela, announced the formation of the Inter-agency Group against Corruption (GIA), which according to the Executive Decree No. 209, which created it, has as its mission to promote actions against the acts of corruption and organized crime to the internal of the agencies of the public forces. The GIA is under the umbrella of the National Security Council, and is coordinated by Bolívar Medina Dominguez, who was appointed in July last.

In accordance with which explained the minister of Public Security, Alexis Bethancourt Yau, the GIA played an important role in the dismantling of the network of alleged corruption that operated in the prison system.

The Minister added that the GIA received the information of what was happening in the country's prisons, and with its human resources supported the Public Ministry and the direction of judicial information.

The former National Police Oswaldo Fernandez (1991-1995) pointed out that it is good that the police take the units bad, that is quite low, in relation to the overall figure. There will always be one that breaks the rule. It is good that the entities have the procedures needed to pull these units and put them at the disposal of the competent authorities", he said.


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Police Lieut carrying 200 kilos of cocaine

Posted on November 27, 2016 in Panama

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A POLICE second lieutenant arrested along with a Colombian  in Chepo, while transporting 200 kilos of cocaine is being held in preventive detention

Judge of guarantees Gloria González gave the order on Saturday  Nov. 26. The arrest, at a police checkpoint took place on Thursday only days after the arrest and jailing of a police major on drug charges.

The Colombian will be investigated for trafficking and the police officer for possession of illicit substances and attempted murder.

The xourt  also authorized the seizure  of the vehicle carrying the drug, three cell phones and the weapon of the second lieutenant

National Police (PN), director  Omar Pinzon said that the second lieutenant will be placed under orders of The Disciplinary Board of the PN to be discharged.

He reiterated that the force will continue its drive to eliminate corruption from its ranks.



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