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Dismembered body believed an expat


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Dismembered body believed an expat

Posted on August 10, 2016 in Panama

Landfill where the body was found
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THE DISMEMBERED  body of a man found in garbage bags  in a Rio Hato landfill is believed to belong to a  used car dealer  who settled in Panama two years ago.
Researchers seeking to confirm whether the victim is a man between54 and 56, who  settled in  in the district of Chame.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the victim was Victor Chrismatt, well known in the Coronado community, whose son fled the country on Thursday  August 4.

After searching  in a house in Cocle and a rented room in Calidonia, investigators  believe the body  is Crismatt Victor Villami a Colombian,  and that the that the killing could  be “parricide reports TVN.

Crismatt had a namesake son, born in 1990 in the United States  who  had bought a plane ticket   last Thursday, two days before the body was found in the landfill.

The son had planned to fly to the United States, where he hadcriminal records: according to the sheriff’s office in Lee County, Florida.

In an interview with TVN News, forensic psychiatrist Alejandro Perez said that in Panama murders of parents by thir children are rare , and that the motivation is usually disputed property.

According to the Public Registry, Crismatt Villamil and his son owned a company  named “Crismatt and Sons Corp.”, created in 2014.

Crismatt had also had a company in Coronado for the  resale of American cars


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