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Doctors on Strike at Crisis Stricken Hospital Santo Tomás


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Strike looms at crisis stricken Santo Tomas

Posted on August 10, 2016 in Panama

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DOCTORS at Panama’s busiest hospital  which is a key teaching center for medical students and doctors,  are poised to strike if the government  doesn’t come up with solutions to problems they face daily.

The Association of Medical Specialists of Santo Tomás Hospital have given authorities a week to present solutions to a crisis that has been building for over two years.

If this is not done, they plan to call a strike, said Association Vice President Marcel Penna Franco.

The group outlined  measure in a letter delivered today to Health Minister Miguel Mayo.

“We have been denouncing the lack of supplies and medicines in the hospital for two years,” Franco said. “But there has not been a solution.”

He  said the shortages in the hospital that  serves more than 150,000 patients a year, impact numerous departments.


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Hospital crisis being solved – Director

Posted on August 10, 2016 in Panama

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THE MEDICAL Director of Santo Tomas Hospital (HST)  where doctors have threatened to strike because of a deepening administrative crisis, told a  hastily called press conference  that there were problems but they were being solved.

Luis Carlos Bravo admitted Wednesday August 10 that that hospital is experiencing difficulty in acquiring supplies and medicines. However, he said that they have taken and will continue to take all necessary measures to cope with the situation.

“There is no denying that things that there are difficulties in the procurement process,” said Bravo, but they  are taking immediate and long term steps to continue to provide care to patients.

He said  that every 24 hours the  drug list is reviewed to identify those in short supply… Every day we source more inputs … we are not going back.”.

Proof of this is that  the number of patients seen in the emergency room in the outpatient clinic or surgical wards has not decreased he said.

“There is denying that problems exist, but they are being solved,” said Bravo, without specifying a time frame..

Bravo’s  statements came  after thehospital’s   Association of Medical Specialists agreed unanimously on Tuesdat to give the authorities one week to find concrete solutions to the hospital  crisis in the country otherwise, they would go on a 48-hour strike.


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Honeymoon ending – doctor strike looms


THE HONEYMOON between Panama’s health guilds and the current administration  may be nearing  its end.

The amicable relationship  was a crossover from the closing days of the previous health authorities who had a fractious relationship with the National Medical Negotiating Commission (Comenenal).

The medical guilds  are threatening to take to the streets and call a  strike, if their current concerns are not addressed.

The guild is calling for  residents and interns  be paid the overtime, which they have not  received, the timely supply of surgical medical supplies and the improvement of working conditions in different units.

If their demands are  not met  by May 20,  they will stop work says  according to Comenenal leader Domingo Moreno.

He said that they also require the recognition of specialties and other studies. “On Wednesday I must have answers for the bases or on that day we decide whether or not there will be a work stoppage.” he said.

The last stoppage was in 2013 over Law 89  which authorizes and regulates the hiring of foreign doctors in Panama. The action lasted 36 days and canceled 200,000  appointments and 5,000 surgeries.

Other independent guilds like the Association of Physicians, Dentists and Related Professionals of the Social Security Fund (Amoacss) have said that they will support the measure.

Amoacss has more than 1 200 professionals.

According to their undersecretary, Maritza Hernández, they are also calling for a halt to the shortage of supplies and medicines as well as salary adjustments for areas of difficult access and equalization of medical shifts as was done with other health guilds.

The strike call persists despite a meeting last week between  Comenenal leaders and  Health Minister Miguel Mayo, who invited them to continue the dialogue.

“We agree with the requests, but we have to do it responsibly,” Mayo said.



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CSS doctors join Santo Tomas strikers


SOME  800 doctors from the Social Security Fund (CSS)   have joined the indefinite strike launched by specialists and interns at Hospital Santo Tomas (HST) to demand payment of the extra shifts that are owed.

During an extraordinary assembly, on Monday, Apr. 17, the Association of Resident and Internal Physicians of the CSS (AMERI) agreed to take the measure of support and for the more than 600 specialists, residents and interns at Santo Tomás Hospital (HST).

Jossuet Barrios, President of AMERI, reported that after holding a meeting with the authorities of CSS and the Ministry of Health (MINSA) yesterday, an agreement was not reached, but they remain open to dialogue.

“Despite the protest action, they will continue with the hospitalized patients of the scheduled surgeries, and in the emergency rooms,” he said.

Marcel Penna, president of the Association of Medical Specialists of the HST, said that payments are still pending for doctors working in the orthopedic services because they have not received extra shifts in November and December 2016, and January and February this year.

“We know there have been some payments and some partial payments, but it is not enough to order the suspension of the strike , since the internal doctors and residents of the HST are owed 70%,” he said.

During a press conference in the Presidency of the Republic, Minister Mayo said that the CSS has already paid 90%, while in the HST has been canceled 95%.

“It is expected that in less than 48 hours, the money owed to the doctors will be canceled,” he said.

Angel Cedeño, director of the HST, said that 400 appointments are lost per day, so they ask doctors to return to their jobs to provide care.

“They will get paid every penny this week,” he said.



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San Miguelito doctors end stoppage


STRIKING doctors at San Miguel Arcángel Hospital, in San Miguelito, decided Wednesday, April 19 to end the work stoppage that began on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, specialists, residents, and interns at Santo Tomas  the country’s premier teaching hospital, are entering their fourth day of an indefinite stoppage.

The decision was made after a meeting with Health Minister Miguel  Mayo, who asked them to return to work.

The doctors presented Mayo with a series of claims, including back payments, salary increases, and more staff appointments,

The doctors have set a deadline of three weeks for the ministry to respond to their demands.

The San Miguel strike did not impact emergency cases or essential surgeries but did cause the cancellation of a number of elective surgeries and appointments.

Emergency, and in  patient care at Santo Tomas is also continuing.



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