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$30 Million Cruise Port for Amador (Isla Perico), and Supporting Infrasructure

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$30 million cruise port for Amador

Posted on August 8, 2016 in Panama, Panama

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THE PANAMA Maritime Authority has picked up the ball dropped by the previous administration and budgeted $30 million to develop a long awaited cruise ship port in Amador to boost the country’s tourism facilities.

This is the second attempt to build a port in the last five years. The previous attempt was cancelled when the project was deemed financially undoable.

Unlike the previous project, which was going to be located at the site of the Balboa Yacht Club, the new project is slated for Perico island.

Authority Manager Jorge Barakat said the new location has as a depth of 7 to 12 meters and is sheltered from waves. It also providez views of Panama City making it a better site than the one at the yacht club, which was much shallower and would have needed constant dredging to allow the cruise ships to dock.

If approved, the construction will take up to 18 months. The project will include an area for commercial establishments, reports La Prensa.

The government is hoping to contract the project with a firm that has experience in developing and operating such facilities.

Augusto Terracina, manager of Aventuras 2000, which manages the cruise port in Colón, said the project would be a benefit for the country, as the only way to attract more cruise ships to the country is to improve the infrastructure.


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Panama: Cruise Port in Amador Announced

At the end of the year-end a $30 million tender will be published to build a cruise ship port in an area measuring 30 hectares in Perico Island, on the Amador Causeway.

Monday, August 8, 2016

In addition to construction of the port, the tender specifications include the design and construction of commercial spaces to provide services for the terminal's operation, in an area of 11 hectares. The Maritime Port Authority estimates a total investment of $30 million, which is already included in the 2017 budget, and expects the construction process to take between 12 and 18 months.

Prensa.com reports that "...The government's plan is to hold a tender for the design and construction of the project, with administration of the port being awarded in a seperate tender. In the AMP's budget for next year  3 million has been allocated to the plan.  Jorge Barakat, head of the AMP, explained that the State will receive royalties for the operation of the port as well as an additional fee that will serve to recoup the investment for the construction of the project. "

"... In the tender for the management and operation of the port, a concession for 11.5 hectares of commercial area will be included. Barakat explained that 'Among the requirements we will ask of those interested in managing the project is that they have direct relationships with cruise operators, as we do not want to speculate with this award'. "


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25 Companies Interested in Panama cruise port

Posted on December 7, 2016 in Panama, Panama, Panama


PANAMA’S dream of having a cruise port that will provide a significant boost to tourism revenue is moving closer with 25 countries interested in developing the project.

January 16 is the deadline for submitting proposals in the tender to build the port terminal in Amador, but some of the companies interested are asking for more time.

Attending the meeting to approve the specifications for the port were 43 representatives  including  Calypso, Foster + Partners, among others. the company that designed the new terminal at Tocumen International Airport.

“…Preliminary calculations by the AMP establish the amount of investment needed to build the cruise terminal,at $70 million.

It  will have a dock that will allow two cruise ships to be docked simultaneously,

A previous plan to develop  the project in the area of Balboa Yacht Club, in Amador, was dismissed because the area did not have the necessary draft to receive cruise ships.

Now, studies by Panama’s Maritime Athoriry  have indicated Perico island as a viable area, after finding that its draft exceed seven meters deep.


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Amador cruise terminal  in two years

Future berth for cruise ships

PANAMA’S  $165 million cruise terminal in Amador will be ready in two years to receive cruise ships from the  Alaska, Caribbean, Pacific and California routes.

A Communications secretariat release says the terminal will have the capacity to receive, simultaneously, two mega vessels with up to a total of 10.000 passengers.

The complex will include green areas, parking lots and facilities for boarding passengers and handling luggage.

The release says  the terminal will attract more tourists to Panama, and President Juan Carlos Varela  said : “I am sure that we will make our country a strong competitor in the cruise industry and a world tourist power. “



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Cruise Terminal Project Moves Forward

The consortium formed by the Belgian Jan De Nul and China Harbor Engineering Company already has the environmental backing to move forward with the construction of the port in the Amador Causeway, Panama.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The Environmental Impact Study was approved by the Ministry of Environment of Panama, and the consortium in charge of the work plans to complete construction of the terminal in two years.

Prensa.com reports that "...After receiving no objection from other institutions, MiAmbiente's technicians approved the Port EIA, which will require an investment of $165 million."

The port terminal to be built on Perico Island will be able to simultaneously receive two mega vessels carrying a total of up to 10 thousand passengers.  It will include various green areas, parking lots and facilities for boarding passengers and handling their luggage. 

The consortium that will be in charge of the construction of the port project was the only one that submitted a proposal in the tender in which initially more than 40 companies had been interested and which was postponed several times.



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First cruise ship home port reservation for new Panama terminal.


Posted 26/05/2019

The Norwegian Star cruise ship ,  has made the first "Home Port" reservation for October 2020, in the new Panama Cruise Terminal.

The  Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), released the news on Sunday, May 26.

The  Cruise Terminal  project has been developed  by the AMP, with the aim of making Panama country a regional cruise leader

The Norwegian Star is a  floating hotel, whose dimensions are: 294.13 meters long and a beam of  32.2 m.  and a   91,740. registered tonnage  

It has a capacity for 2,348 passengers and a crew of 1,031 members. It has 15 dining options, 10 bars, and lounges, spa area, casino.

The new Cruise Terminal will have two docks in which two cruise ships with a capacity of up to 5,000  passengers apiece will be able to dock simultaneously.



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On 12/7/2017 at 5:44 PM, TwoSailors said:

There goes the neighborhood! 10 thousand passengers. Good thing they widened the roads on the causeway. If 5000 of them decide to go into Casco Viejo, that is roughly  83 buses!!  Think you should put in a light rail connection? Just saying.

That's not the worst of it.  I remember when a coastal city in Florida was elated to get a couple of cruise ship docking contracts.  The docks were along a boardwalk with restaurants, shops, and hotels, with beautiful water views that were completely blocked when the cruise ships docked.  They didn't realize that cruise ships are upwards of ten stories or more tall.  I remember the first time visiting, it was a shocker, a 100' tall wall blocking the view and daylight.  It made the water front businesses look like they were in an alley.


I wonder what view will be eliminated at Amador.

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Varela  offers $500,000 incentive  to cruise ships


Posted 14/06/2019

The  Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) will pay the cost of the toll for cruise ships that transit through the Panama Canal and whose passengers embark at the Amador cruise port on the Pacific coast.

The announcement came from outgoing President  Varela,  during the ceremonies at the send-off to China of the first 31,000 tons of treated copper ore from Donosco. He said that the toll has a cost of approximately $500,000 but the passengers of these cruises will visit in Panama and represent approximately $6 million and $7 million.

The work in the Amador cruise terminal should be completed in  October and represents an investment of $165 million.

The del Pacífico consortium, building the terminal is made up of the Belgian company Jan De Nul and China Harbor Engineering Company Limited.

The consortium has already completed the filling for the construction of the building, the driving of piles and the placement of the footbridges.

The port will have the capacity to receive two cruises simultaneously.

According to Varela, the first cruise itinerary of the  Norwegian Cruise company, which will begin operations in 2020 in the port of Amador, has already been received in Panama.



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Panama: Cruise Terminal Tender Canceled

The Maritime Authority canceled the tender to operate and maintain the terminal in Isla Perico, arguing that in an "analysis of the current statement of charges, inconsistencies were found for the operation and maintenance of the terminal."

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

In April 2019, the terms of the public tender were published, to award the contract for "Operation and maintenance of the cruise terminal of Panama, in Perico Island", but the authorities decided to cancel the tender.

"... The General Direction of Port and Auxiliary Maritime Industries by Note DGPIMA-1555-2019 of September 17, 2019, requested the approval for the cancellation of the Tender, because in an analysis of the current schedule of charges, inconsistencies were found for the operation and maintenance of a cruise terminal and by the applications submitted by the companies that participated in the act of approval," states the report of the public tender.

The Contractor awarded this Public Act would be in charge of carrying out all the Services that allow to perform efficiently and satisfactorily the Base Port Regime and Transit Regime operations, from the arrival or departure of the ships by sea, to the access or departure of the passengers and their luggage by land.

The reference value of the cancelled tender was $9 million.

See details of the public tender.



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Cinta Costera-Amador  link awaits China cash


Posted 22/11/2019

The upcoming openings of the new convention center and the cruise ship port at, Amador have created an urgent need to improve incoming and outgoing mobility in the area. but the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) is waiting for the Chinese government to confirm whether or not it will finance the construction of the connection between Cinta Costera  3 and the Amador Causeway.

Minister of Public Works (MOP), Rafael Sabonge says that within the agreements signed by both governments, as part of the establishment of diplomatic relations in 2017, the Chinese government promised to cover the cost of some projects, including the connection with Amador . Meanwhile  the project is hanging fire

The tender for the contract to build the connection was to be held in October.

Now, the head of the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) said that the act has not been carried out because there is the possibility that the cost of the project will not be borne by the Chinese government.

"This was one of the programs that were being analyzed that they could donate," said the official. However, the momentum of the relationship between Panama and Beijing slowed  with the entry of the Cortizo administration.

In the morning hours and after 3:00 pm, access to the Amador Causeway is complicated due to traffic to and from Panama Oeste.

Studies conducted by the Spanish company Tourism, Business & Planning (C4T) , which designed Amador's master plan, warns that it is imperative to improve land access to the road to avoid affecting the operation of the businesses that operate there.

The firm indicates that the volume of cars and people will increase in Amador, once the convention center and the cruise port are operating, both projects will be completed in 2020.

Sabonge said that the deadline they had agreed with the Chinese authorities for a response on the financing of the work expires this week.

"We have the specifications ready, either to do the bidding on its own or through Chinese cooperation," Sabonge said.

The Government informed the Chinese authorities that the work should be carried out under the parameters of Panamanian labor legislation, and complying with the technical standards in the country.

"They proposed certain conditions that we did not see viable on hiring, but we must ensure that Panamanian labor laws are complied with and if the project can be carried out under these terms, it is feasible that it can be built with non-refundable cooperation," said.  The Minister, who did not specify the requests of the Chinese authorities.

When the possibility of building an access to Amador was explored, the idea of filling was considered, but in recent years the option with more acceptance is a marine section that would have an estimated cost between $50 million and $60 million..



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Cruise Terminal Re-Tendered

After the first tender to operate and maintain the cruise terminal at Isla Perico in Panama was cancelled, bases for a new tender were announced.

Monday, January 6, 2020

Panama Government Purchase 2019-2-03-0-08-LV-007549

"The awarded Contractor shall be in charge of carrying out all the Services that allow the efficient and satisfactory performance of the Base Port and Transit Regime operations, from the arrival or departure of the vessels by sea, to the access or departure of the passengers and their luggage by land.

Likewise, the Contractor shall provide the vessel and passengers with all those needs that may arise as a result of their interaction with the Terminal. In addition, the Contractor shall be responsible for guaranteeing security in all its aspects, for maintaining in optimum condition all the goods and properties in the Port Facility, for managing the collections for the operations and for employing all the necessary resources to promote the commercial development of the Panama Cruise Terminal."

Reference value: $18,814,284.

Pre-approval meeting and tour: January 13, 2020.

Deadline for receipt of bids: February 17, 2020.

See new tender (in Spanish).



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Panama Cruise Terminal bidding suspended

Public bidding for the operation and maintenance of the new Panama Cruise Terminal has been temporarily suspended.

This is due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

New tender date to be advised

The Panama Maritime Authority said it has informed interested companies that once the suspension of the public bidding has been lifted, a new date to submit tenders will be announced.

Earlier this year, modified incentives for cruise ships homeporting in Panama were outlined.



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Panama cruise  port will be 2 years late,  cost millions more


Posted 06/10/2020

The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) , has negotiated an addendum of $40.9 million in additional disbursements to the consortium that is building the Amador cruise port, which lift the cost from $165.7 million to $206.7 million.

The negotiation also entails an extension of time. The contractor originally had to complete the work in 540 calendar days; later, that was extended to 849 days and now, the consortium wants an additional 367 days.

If theextension is granted, the project would be delivered on September 30, 2022, that is, 1,216 days after (and not 540, stipulated in  the original contract) of the order to proceed, issued on October 5, 2017.

The details of came to light on s Tuesday, October 6, after a resolution published in the Official Gazette reports La Prensa.

In the resolution, the board of directors authorizes the administrator to start negotiations with the Cruceros del Pacífico consortium. The resolution is signed by the administrator Noriel  Araúz and the deputy administrator Ana Margarita Reyes. Araúz is also Minister for Maritime Affairs.

The Pacific Cruises consortium made up of the Belgian Jan De Nul and the Asian China Harbor Engineering Company Limited was awarded the work by bidding just over $165.7 million. Now, in notes to the AMP it mentions alleged "events" that have increased the cost of the project. At one point, it claimed $81.8 million in additional costs. The AMP ruled out several as unjustifiable


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Convention Center-Cruise Port link underway


Posted 07/01/2022

Work has begun on a $44 million project that will connect Cinta Costera 3 to the Amador Convention Center and the Cruise Port said the Minister of Public Works, Rafael Sabonge, during an inspection on Friday, January 7. “This is an important program for the tourism sector because it will allow greater access to the Amador Convention Center and to tourists who come on cruise ships,” said Sabonge.  It is expected to be completed in 18 months.

The official indicated that this project contributes to the economic reactivation of the country as about 200 direct jobs will be generated. Currently, there are 90 people working on the project, 30 of them from the El Chorrillo community.


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