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New Eatery at Plaza San Francisco - The Garden

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Marcelyn and I recently came across a new, small and cozy restaurant at Plaza San Francisco. The name is "The Garden". It is located immediately to the right of Mort's Bakehouse. Plaza San Francisco is becoming a "happening place". And plenty of parking.

We have been to The Garden twice, and both times were pleasant experiences. The Garden is not a typical restaurant where you go in, sit down (or wait to be seated), and then order from a menu. There are menus, but ordering is more cafeteria style. You go to the end of the food line (farthermost point from the front door) and go through various stations to order drinks, salads, soups, veggies, main courses, etc. They have many of what we would call healthy foods, such as protein drinks, vegan dishes, organic salads, etc.

Be forewarned that the food is excellent, and the servings are large. At our second visit, some friends joined us and their orders included a smoked trout plate (which was described as the best he had ever had, and she ordered a wonderful chicken, rice, and black bean plate, with an enormous salad).

Hours of operation are Mondays to Fridays from 9:00AM to 5:00PM, and the lunch menu (salads, soups, baked potatoes, hamburgers, etc.) starts at 11:00AM. Currently closed on weekends.

The prices are very reasonable, and the ambiance is warm and inviting. The wall mural adds so much to the dining experience. The operators are Andrew Foote and his wife Romsey. The decor was well planned and executed to give one the feeling of being in a garden (hence the name The Garden).

The Garden also sells fresh seafood. They are wanting Panamanians to bring their products in for display, such as honey, aprons, coffees, etc. -- locally made, produced, and grown items.

Here are some pictures that Romsey made available to us:




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I haven't been there since it opened, but saw the beautiful mural being painted a few weeks ago.  It was done by the incredibly talented Alvaro Miranda (who also did the one in CHOX).  If the food is as nice as the atmosphere, it should be a welcome addition to Alto Boquete.

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Had lunch here and highly recommend it. The "salad bar" is actually manned by staff who do a fabulous job of putting together your salad however and with whatever you want. Great dressings, friendly staff and just a nice pleasant experience! Not to mention the ability to buy fresh produce as you leave.  I will be back. Might even become a regular.

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Located in Plaza SanFransisco, this restaurant provides quite a fantastic menu in a really neat ambiance.   A fresh salad bar begins at 11 am and ends at 3 pm.  You can order small medium or large salads with toppings of your selection. For now it's Mon-Fri.  We ate the large , everything on it salad and I can say this was probably one of the best salads I have ever had in recent memory.   Smoked trout...wow.   That's another offering.  Hamburgers as well seem to attract regulars.  There is as well a juice/shake bar with a huge variety of choices to include some fine protein powder.   This is the place we have been praying would find it's way to Boquete and now it's here.

We walked out and on an after thought went back in to buy some vegetables.   They had some of the freshest red peppers and zucchini...we bought a bag.  Before we left we bought a gift certificate for a friend who enjoys this kind of food. 

We'll be back again and again.


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