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This is a press release from the Ministry of Public Security. The facility referred to is between Gualaca and Las Minas on the highway to the Chiriqui Grande and the Caribbean.

Centre for At-Risk Youth in Los Planes, Gualaca

Hundreds of youth in the Barrios Seguros program in Chiriqui and the rest of the country will benefit with the construction of the first training center for youth at social risk, announced the Deputy Minister of Public Security, Jonattan Del Rosario.

The Deputy Minister toured the facilities of the Centre today, accompanied by the director of the National Institute of Vocational Training for Human Development (INADEH), Modaldo Tuñón, technical staff of the Ministry of Education (MEDUCA), the Ministry of Government (Mingob) and the Foundation Jesús Luz de Oportunidades which is making an inter-agency effort to strengthen the Barrios Seguros districts.

Del Rosario noted that this Centre, located in Los Planes, district of Gualaca, will be a tool used to develop youth at social risk and in conflict with the law, giving them the opportunity of acquiring technical training with soft skills and spiritual accompaniment, which enables them to change their lives, go forward and contribute to national development.

The Centre has an extension of 42 hectares and capacity for one thousand people, will be coordinated by the Ministry of Public Security, the National Secretariat for the Prevention of Crime in its initial stage and will have the support of the Meduca, Mingob, Inadeh, the Foundation Jesús Luz de Oportunidades, and the private sector.

From its creation until the date the program Barrios Seguros has trained more than 2 thousand young people and 650 have been reinserted in the labor market, through the programs roofs of Hopes, Urban Renewal of Columbus, Ministry of Housing and Land Management and private sector companies.




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