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Thank You & Gracias from FPI (The Handicap Foundation)


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August 1st 2016

Dear Friends of the Handicap Foundation,

What a great success!

On Saturday, July 30th, hundreds of people crowded into our small Fundacion Pro Integracion facility in Alto Boquete… a space filled to the brim with thousands of items for our Venta de Patio fundraiser. What a generous community we live in... We raised more than $6,000 !

We sincerely thank every one of our wonderful supporters who, donated and delivered, the spectacular variety of merchandise. And we thank the hundreds of caring people who came to purchase this treasure trove of bargains. The Venta de Patio buyers often had to cope with a very crowded situation but continued to hunt for the items they were looking for.

 Thanks to all of you, our handicapped members will continue to receive the help that they need so much:  Medical care, physical therapy, transportation and meals. But most of all you have helped us to provide a place where we can offer a joyful home-away-from-home among their friends.

The FPI Board of Directors, our dedicated team of Volunteers, our handicapped FPI Members and their Caregivers thank you all… from the bottom of our hearts!


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