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How to change the outcomes of your reality


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Unique Seminar: 

How to change the outcomes of your reality


August 8, 2016 At the Hotel Valle del Rio – Boquete, next to Valle Escondido


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How to change the outcomes of your reality.


Who are YOU really ?

Most people live in a world of illusion! So, it may come as a surprise, but this world has no material substance. Colors don’t exist, and in fact, there is nothing outside of your body. So when you see the world, you are actually looking at a hologram that is projected inside of you.


The world runs on vibrations, sound and light. Matter doesn’t really exist; because the world is made of atoms, and each atom is 99.9999 percent void. 


Nothing is even solid in this reality, since "matter" is always in motion and it’s movement is the element which determines the characteristics of what we call “material.”


 SO who are YOU really ?




Your thoughts create your reality - where you put your focus this what will manifest in your life. Belief it or not, 95% of your thoughts are mostly negative.  It is not enough to use positive thinking. You have to know the Universal laws.

Your subconscious mind is responsible for more than 90% of your emotions, strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, hopes and beliefs. If you feel worthless, sad, worried, depressed, empty, anxious, stressed or incapable, you should know that these emotions are stemming from the subconscious mind, and from being unaware.
If something's bothering you, you know that getting your mind off of it is easier said than done.


I am inviting you to learn about the secrets inside yourself, your powers and how to create your own harmonious REALITY.


 About Oazis Zoller

Oazis Zoller,  46, Researcher&Author, lives in Central America and spends her time between Europe and the Middle East. She  is an international lecturer in the fields of Isomorphism wisdom, and, electromagnetism of consciousness,.

Oazis is a member at The Interdisciplinary Science and Consciousness Institute in Israel . The institute founded  by a group of researchers from various scientific and spiritual disciplines. 30 professors, 100 doctors, over 300 members.The main aspiration of the institute is to create an infrastructure that will encourageinitiate, and publish open researches, in a way that will not sanctify any axioms and previous archaic scientific approaches, including the assumption of the existence (or the lack of existence) of reality that spans beyond the common ways that we measure and perceive it.


Oaizs is taking complex and scientific materials, which are the results of empiric research conducted by different researchers and scientists from around the world, and interpreting this knowledge in a simple and friendly way that includes different self-improvement techniques .



By this Knowledge your life will be more miraculous, harmonious and successful.


Date: 8/8/2016, Time: 2:00-7:00pm, Place: Hotel Valle del Rio,

Limited places, please make your reservation in time!

Donation: 1 person: 40.- US$ / 2 people: 70. -US$          

   Web: www.oaziszoller.com,               Email: oaziszoller@gmail.com


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