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Old dog problem


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I moved into a house one month ago. We noticed a very old dog walking around the block, just wandering around. The dog is not in great shape. She is old and has many crusty like areas on her body the likes of which I've never seen. I like dogs, but we are technically not allowed a dog and this dog is not ours.

The fact is, I feel bad for this dog. Yes, everyone asks if we ever fed the dog, and yes we did. This dog is a miserable looking dog with one eye going in the wrong direction. It is so happy to see us (we're not as happy to see her). The dog stinks and we bought shampoo and gave the dog a bath. A few days later the dog smelled just like before. Now this dog sleeps by our front door and is now sometimes joined by a pitbull (I think) who is also friendly.

What can we do about this? I don't know if anyone owns this dog, but my best guess is no. We cannot take care of this dog. I don't know how this dog survives, which might suggest someone is caring for the dog, but we've never seen anyone near this dog. It is now sleeping by our house almost all the time. Help.

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