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Your Man in Panama: For My Money, the Best Tours and Transportation in Panama


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Rene Guardiola (Your Man in Panama) has been my great friend, and my man in Panama, for over 10 years.


I was introduced to Rene in 2005 by International Living when I called to ask them to recommend someone who could be my guide when I came to Panama for the first time to meet my beloved Aunt Kathleen, the retired Administrative Officer of the Office of the Comptroller of the Panama Canal Company.


When, at 91 years of age, my Aunt Kathleen had trouble getting into his KIA van, Rene pulled to the side of the road and said he would be back in five minutes.


Before five minutes had elapsed, Rene returned with steps to make it easy for my Aunt to get into and out of his van.


Mindful of his kindness, when I returned home I purchased the Your Man in Panama domain name and helped to build Rene’s website which is now managed by our friend Dennis Killebrew.


Rene and his team have an encyclopedic knowledge of Panama and its history. Whether it is a guided tour, or transportation to or from the airport, it is always a wonderful and enlightening experience.


There are many of us in Boquete who rely on Rene. We particularly value Rene’s informed advice, whether it is what tour we should take with friends, where to find a hard-to-find item in Panama, or where to get the best value when purchasing furniture or household equipment.


Born and raised in Panama City, Rene has a wealth of knowledge and relationships.


I am pleased to recommend Rene and his team without reservation.


Philip Palmer McGuigan

President: Friends of Amigos de Boquete, US 501(c)(3)

Director: Fundacion Amigos de Boquete

Founder: Chiriqui United

Founder: TV Chiriqui


Please Visit Your Man in Panama




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