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Scooby and Tesla Cinnamon and Spots


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Scooby is an 11 month old male, neutered, vaccinated, socialized and ready for his forever home. Scooby was hand raised from only a few weeks old. He gets along with everyone including dogs, cats, chickens and children. He likes to play, has a very loving, calm nature and always wants to be close to his humans.
If you are interested in adopting Scooby and would like to meet him please contact:
Contact Carole at 6582-9288 or jc_caldera@yahoo.com
Gail Anstey at ganstey1@gmail.com


Tesla is a 6 month old male.  He is very playful and gets along with other dogs and cats.He will be neutered on July 31st, vaccinated and then will be ready for adoption.
If you would like to meet Tesla for adoption please contact
Carole at 6582-9288 or jc_caldera@yahoo.com
Gail at ganstey1@gmail.com


These two sweet little sisters need a forever home.  They are around 6 months old and should grow to be small to medium in size. They will be vaccinated and spayed on July 31st and then will be ready for adoption.
Carole at 6582-9288 or jc_caldera@yahoo.comGail at ganstey1@gmail.com


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