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New 'Inspector Citizen' App to Report Traffic Offenders

Unas 3,647 usuarios de Android y 51 de lOS de iPhone han descargado el App. Cortesía | El Siglo

With some critics against and some in favor of the Application, the Transit and Transportation Authority (ATTT) shall begin on 1 August to fine the drivers that are reported through the App 'Inspector Citizen'.

The head of minor offenses of the ATTT, Franklin Miranda, reported that with this Application the entity promotes citizen participation.

He explained that the drivers who are observed breaking the Transit regulations and are reported through the APP shall be fined:

Perform public transport insecurely.

Parked in inappropriate places or occupying a space reserved for people with disabilities

According to the Transit regulations, the cost of these sanctions is from $10 to $50.

The lawyer Benito Mojica recommended to the ATTT that before applying fines, they perform the obligatory consultations to avoid being subject to querrellas or constitutional protections on the part of the drivers.


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Let's explain more in detail about this new app.

In order to get better control and avoid false reports the person should give all his personal data like name, cedula number, driver;s license number, address, email account, etc.  So the reports wont be placed by anonimous persons.   


When filing a report using this app the person should provide a phograph or video of the car and the car license plate or Placa.  The app has a GPS application that will confirm the location of the report when done.  


Initially the Transit Authority will be receiving three types of report:  Public transportation insecure operation.   Cars parked in prohibited areas.  Unauthorized cars using handicapped parking spaces.  

Adittionally the app will allow the users to report emergency alerts, dangerous situations and natural disasters.  Objects in the road, accidents, floods,etc.for now.



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Making smartphones snitchphones

Posted on August 17, 2016 in Panama

Beware, there's a snitch phone near you.
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PANAMA’S  transit authority (ATTT) has  launched  a technological snitch line  to report traffic  violations. Other government  departments are  planning to follow suit.

The  initial application, called “Citizen Inspector,” allows people with smart phones to report incidents such as vehicles illegally parked in spaces for people with disabilities.

The entity said that the complaints can be accompanied by videos or photographs.

The ATTT said that the implementation of the program is part of the use of new technology being used to modernize the institution

Government Innovation Authority Director Irvin Halman explained that the “Citizen Inspector” application is designed to be used with other entities. Citizens frustrated by interminable  phone calls with will be  watching  for changes in response time.

Halman said that people filing complaints will not have their identities revealed.


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45 minutes ago, Keith Woolford said:

See also:

Keith, Bud apparently missed or overlooked or forgot about your earlier topic on this same subject. I have merged the two topics back into one. I will scold the lad the next time our paths cross. 9_9

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I see so much improper parking and obstruction of the roadway that I had concluded there was no law prohibiting either. Surely, they’re the most unenforced laws on the planet.

On second thought, I remember the case of a gringa who was ticketed for parallel parking. She appealed, pointing out the law as well as the fact that parallel parking is a required skill to pass the Panama driver’s license test. The Judge conceded the point but, alternatively, convicted her of roadway obstruction. (It occurs to me that this isn’t as unreasonable as it may seem. Can anyone parallel park without obstructing traffic?)

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12 minutes ago, Keith Woolford said:

I’m betting a lot of those Citizen denuncias go to drivers in the City who park on private property, blocking a driveway or a storefront. In some areas they park on the sidewalks and boulevards and should be towed imo.

Makes sense. I feel sorry from the residents across the side street from Sugar 'n' Space. Their driveway gate has a large No Estascionarse sign on it, but I seldom pass by when there isn't a car blocking it.

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Sounds like fun. First most folks will not use the app, since they have to give their personal information. Second, it will probably cause more accidents while the person tries to take photos or videos. However the fun begins when chronic violators (particularly parking) are reported and they go to get their license plates or other things that check the records, like pele (sp) police. Plus the cost of the "penalties" for late payment since fines escalate with unpaid time and who is going to tell you, you have a fine. 

Of interest will be the liability of the person making the report if the report is erroneous, or deliberately malicious. I'm thinking of "calumnia" or perjury which are criminal offenses.  So all in all it will be interesting to see how this works out. I'm thinking of Boquete, traffic and parking. We have police everywhere, riding around, so maybe they should just issue parking and "bad" driving offenders. 

My pet peeve will be the vehicles with the LED blinding lights and the dark tinted front windows as soon as they add those to the list.  

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