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Tuesday Talks at BCP - Howard & Deborah Green


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Your $1 admission helps us keep the doors open
10:30 in the BCP Theater
Tuesday July 26 – Howard & Deborah Green will talk about their recent trip to Cuba. They wanted to visit Cuba before the big changes that will come with direct flights from the US scheduled to begin later this year.Their itineary was Havana, Vinales, Trinidad, and Playa Maria Aguilar. They had an interest in exploring large scale organic gardening and the excellent culinary options tourists encounter. They will present how travelers can safely navigate Cuba without a guide, how to book lodging from home, how to travel between cities, and how to access the internet in Cuba, and how to use the Cuban currency. The talk will be accompanied by slides and a Q & A period.
Tuesday, August 2  David & Leianne Scee will speak about their lives as “Retried Rovers”. They have wandered the globe by land and sea and always make it a point to give back to whatever community they land in. When they heard about the untimely death of the physical therapist at the Handicap Foundation, they rushed back to Boquete. They are currently committed to staying as physical therapists for a year. Their talk will be accompanied by photos of the places they’ve stayed in and the projects they developed.
Tuesday, August 9 – Alvaro Almengor of Hatstone Lawyers, a boutique law firm with five partners across four offices (Jersey, London, Panama and South Africa) will speak.  They are primarily a corporate and private law firm, and work regularly on cross border structures for international clients. they regularly advise international banks, financial services business, foreign corporations, local business, public and private companies, directors, shareholders, entrepreneurs and high-net-worth individuals on all aspects of corporate and commercial law. In Panama, in particular, they have expertise in incorporating companies and foundations, construction and property, employment, immigration, taxation, corporate and commercial, succession planning and asset protection, cross-border transactions, new business establishment and general legal advice. FREE ADMISSION.
Tuesday, August 16 Retirement and relocating are fun, right? And exciting, correct?  And maybe a bitintimidating and challenging.  Come join Sharon Brooks in a fun and playful morning of refreshing our likability skills.  We will refresh our ability to fully listen, read body language and communicate clearly without boring our listener to death. Sharon Brooks, BR (Before Retirement) was a trainer and keynote speaker leading a plethora of communications workshops in California, Nevada and Hawaii. If you want to make the most out of Newcomer Events and make new friends effectively come join in, offer your ideas and volunteer for some stage time if you like as we show examples of what to do and not to do - all in good fun. 
Tuesday,  August 23 – What to do on a rainy Boquete afternoon (Part 1).
Kaytee Hoverson -- Yoga
Robyn Cole – Art Workshops
Sheila Strunk – Volunteering at BCP
Carol Bruner – Geneology
Martine Heyer – Bridge
Mike Peterson – Chess Club
Tuesday,  August 30 – What to do on a rainy Boquete afternoon (Part 2).
Tamara Balkenhol – Pinochle and Spades
Brandy Gregory – Knitters
Robert Brauns – Photo Club
Elaine Lewis – Quilting
Pat Alvarado – Birding
Bev Stearns – Book Club
Tuesday September 6 --
Tuesday September 13 – Angel Rodriguez will speak on the science of volcanology and the early alert system he monitors on Volcan Baru.
Tuesday September 20 -- Merl Will-Wallace will speak on how to “Embrace Relocation Changes and Find the Joy in Paradise!” New country, new culture, new language, new friends  - how to assemble all the puzzle pieces in relocating to Panama and have fun at the same time. Learn the three-step process to positive change and the six essentials tools needed to relocate and live in this new culture effectively – not stressfully. Merl is a coach and counselor who, for the last 20 years, has helped people navigate change for a more positive and fruitful life. He is the author of the book Awakening in Change.
Tuesday September 27  Newcomers meeting and introduction of the new US wardens.
Tuesday October 4 – Dr. Alfredo Molto, high level plastic surgeon practicing in David will speak about advancements in plastic surgery and his work with Operation Smile in Panama.
Tuesday October 11 – David MacKenzie will speak on “Diseases Are Your Friends” and are messages from your body (and God).  Medicines are unnatural and toxic and just kill the messenger. David believes the great majority of diseases are caused by diet and lifestyle and we all need to know the biologically correct diet.
Tuesday November 8 – Price Peterson, Peter Sterling, and Rodrigo Marciacq on the scientific and economic facts  (and the truth) about GMO products.

To suggest a speaker or topic for these meetings please email BCP Tuesday Meeting
To become a vendor at the Tuesday market, email Elena Serracin
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