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I need a welfare check in Jaramillo Abajo

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Not sure what you are asking for. I do not believe you are using the word "check" to refer to a monetary instrument. Are you wanting someone to go to a particular house to check on someone's welfare/safety/condition? This sounds important, but I am struggling with what is being requested.

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It sounds like you have things under control.

Given what I currently know, it seems appropriate (as Admin_01) to leave this topic visible in order for all to see near closure. If you prefer otherwise, please send me a private message.

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As a former cruiser I am well-acquainted with the need for assistance in getting news of folks who have not appeared where and when expected. One of the first items of business on the daily scheduled radio network sessions by the various network controllers is always a call for "any health and welfare checks?" So, the expression is accepted, but one should use "Health and Welfare" to avoid the ambiguity trap.

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42 minutes ago, Keith Woolford said:

..which prompts the questions... 

Are Health and Welfare checks on the well-being of an individual a service that either Alto Al Crimen or RodnyDirect provide ..or should they be?

Good question. I would imagine that since I can use them to talk to the cop who's trying to give me a ticket and pretending he doesn't understand my spanish, that they would. To me it seems like a more urgent situation. That being said, Policia refused to go, so would they for Rodney or AaC?  I'll try to find out and post back.

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