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Request for Expatriates to Assist With An Educational Project


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Oteima University is leading a project with the City of Knowledge (aka Ciudad de Saber, which is located in Panama City) to develop a database of expats with particular backgrounds.

Oteima is seeking expatriates of any age who would like to contribute with their talent, skills, and experience to advise entrepreneurs in Chiriquí. A willingness to share knowledge and experience is the primary criterion, not age. Note specifically that we are talking about activity in Chiriquí Province, not Panama City.

The target recipients of the information to be shared are Panamanian entrepreneurs who would like to start businesses or improve ideas aimed at bringing first world technology to endeavors in the western region of Panama.

What kinds of resources are desired? Just about anything at a graduate or post-graduate level, or based on extensive experience but without the formal education. There are no excluded fields of pursuit, meaning that agriculture, business processes, technology (computers, communications, etc.), engineering, accounting, project management, marketing, strategic planning, etc., are of interest. Think of how you might be a change agent to help bring new technology, new processes, and cutting-edge knowledge and experience to Panama.

The current thinking is that this project will start small, gain experience, tweak the weak points, and then grow bigger the next year. And repeat this cycle, year-after-year. Any commitment you make is up to you, and could be terminated as needed based on circumstances. To make a commitment does not necessarily mean that your offer will be accepted because this project needs to be carefully managed given the resources that will be made available. Please do not be offended if you offer, but the offer is declined; such decisions would be based on the total picture, not small pieces.

Rectora Nixa Gnaegi de Rios invites you to be part this roster. A group of students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (located in Massachusetts) will come to Chiriquí for three weeks during the month of August to interview those who would like to be part of this activity.

Note: All of these proceedings will be in English. If you speak Spanish at any level that is a benefit, but in no way is it a requirement.

If you would like to submit your name as a candidate for this project please contact Rectora Nixa Gnaegi de Rios by email at nixa@oteima.ac.pa. At a minimum, we need:

  1. your name,
  2. the general area of your residence (e.g., Boquete, David, Dolega, Volcan, Bugaba, Potrerillos, etc.),
  3. your contact information (both telephone and email),
  4. the specialty in which you believe you could provide value, and
  5. any constraints you may have, for example, you are traveling and not available for a certain period of time, etc., and please be specific.

You are certainly free to include comments, questions, etc., in your email.

Mr. Guillermo Castro, Vice President of the City of Knowledge is planning to come to Boquete and confirm details regarding expatriates' commitments in the development of this and other projects to participate in the development of the western regions of Panama (meaning Chiriqui, Bocas del Toro, and the Comarca). You will be contacted in the very near future by one of the principals involved in developing this resource.



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