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Incredible Beach House near Boca Chica very private

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Do you love the beach, swimming in a calm ocean, amazing sunrises and sunsets, total privacy, a mile of gorgeous beach, tropical trees and gardens, private large swimming pool, fresh coconuts, great boogie boarding, falling asleep to the sound of the ocean?  Do not mind living 11 km from the nearest store via a gravel/dirt road and are capable of doing a small amount of work and learning how to live with and manage off the grid solar systems?    If you answered yes to most of the above questions then please read on.  This incredible 3 bedroom, 4 bath house with Travertine and Italian marble floors has a huge deck with pool and is located on the ocean with a mile of private beach - fully furnished  

This house normally rents for $1000 a month, but now is in need of a caretaker, a reduction in the rent to $200 a month will offset the work.  As caretaker you would have to look after the house, the pool and mow the grass - with a garden tractor. (several acres about 20 hours a month)

The house is quite special.  It is for sale and will be going up for auction in January.  You would have to move if it is sold.  If is should happen to sell before January, we would  pay a moving bonus.

This beach house is 5 min from Boca Chica turn off to its road then 11 km.  The road is 30 min from David 1 hour from Boquete.  It runs on solar energy with a generator.  Gas for the generator would be your responsibility.  An SUV type vehicle - 4x4 preferably, would be required to drive the 11 Km dirt and rock road.  Internet is available through Activo at $58.85/month. Rent would be $200/month depending upon qualifications, Security /damage deposit required but can be paid over 3 months.  Need to provide references.

If you are interested please contact Lorraine Handler  6566-5564  larenhandler@icloud.com or Chris McCall  6137-5602   



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