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New Masthead Photo for CL (and Operation Just Cause that Ousted General Manuel Noriega)


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Thank you MacAssist. We will relay your kind words to Larry.

It was the management's intention to periodically change out the masthead photo. Boquete is blessed with many outstanding photographers, and there certainly is a lot of good scenery. However, we have simply been too busy just keeping up with the daily website maintenance duties to change the masthead.

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In an unrelated set of events, one of Boquete's most senior expat residents provided some interesting historical information about the Isla Ventana area, which is the area depicted in our masthead photo that was posted in the summer of 2016. I refer to Price Peterson.

With his permission, I am quoting some comments from a recent email received from Price.


Dear Bud,

Just took a close look at your opening CL photo of a view looking toward Ventanas. The house on the shore used to belong to the Tribaldos family and years ago our family enjoyed several lazy weekends there with Eddy, Marcella, and family. Curiously, the catamaran in the foreground is almost exactly where our 30' sloop, M'Lady, was anchored. At 5 am, Dec. 21, 1989, a local yokel of the Battallion de Dignidad and his son rowed out to the only Gringo target for miles, and lobbed two hand grenades into the hull. Sank like the proverbial rock. This was the action in Boca Chica the morning of 'Just Cause'. The next time you are in Boca Chica, if you look around, you will find a TV antenna mounted on a tall aluminum pole. That was our mast, and the rest still lies beneath the catamaran.

Also worth noting that the wad-able waters around Ventanas used to have some great oysters.

Parenthetically, for those who might be interested in more information about Operation Just Cause, here is a link to the Wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_invasion_of_Panama. There is no reference that I could find to M'Lady in this Wikipedia article, but it does mention the "Dignity Battalions".

Thank you to Price for sharing this piece of history.

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