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Boquete Artworks July Gathering


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Dear Friends of Boquete Artworks,


We want you to know that Boquete Artworks is changing their meeting time and place.  Also, if you have received this and NO longer want to be on our mailing list please unsubscribe below.


Boquete Artworks will now meet at La villa Café which is located in the BCP Theater just across the bridge in the center of town. Our meetings will continue to be held on the 3rd Friday of the month but will now take place at 3 pm. However, this particular month, due to scheduling conflicts, we will meet on July 22nd, the 4th Friday, still at the 3 pm time slot.  There will be an open board/business meeting at 2:15 pm before the regular meeting and anyone interested is invited to participate. La Villa provides us with a great place for after meeting socializing and enjoying a cocktail.


This month we will present: MAKING PAPER FOR ARTISTS with Chris McCall


Chris McCall of Black Rock Art Ranch will give a demonstration of Paper Making for the artist. Chris will make cotton paper, plain and sized, perfect for artists in all mediums, and also abaca paper and Kozo paper. After the demonstration, attendees can try their hand at paper making and leave with a sheet of their own handmade paper.


Please join us Friday July 22nd, 3 pm at La Villa Café.


Thank you

Boquete Artworks    

Follow us on Facebook and check out our blog to catch the latest news from us! 

P.S. If you no longer wish to receive emails from us, please hit reply and write "unsubscribe" in the subject line. We'll remove you from our list right away. 
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