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The Ancient Tomb of Cacique Malchia in Volcan Baru

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The Ancient Tomb of Cacique Malchia in Volcan Baru

This video was released the other day which tells the story of the discovery of the tomb located at Sitio Barriles. Although it is narrated in Spanish, there are some subtitles and Dr. Weinstein can be heard speaking at points.

Watching the video led me to this site where Dr.Weinstein and other archaeologists have documented their studies in Panama.





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I am so very interested in this find but am wondering what happened to it?  Are these artifacts (arc of the covenant, golden plates, Hebrew scrolls) still visibly on display?   Since 2016, i have seen no new videos, or any published evidence.  This seems to be the find of the century and I would assume that Ntnl Geographic and other established organizations would desire to publish the official findings for the rest of the world.  Can you direct me toward documents of the findings authenticity?  I hope to hear from you soon



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