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Interpol conference set for Panama

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Interpol conference set for Panama

Posted on July 3, 2016 in Off The Cuff, Panama

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PANAMA WILL HOST  Interpol heads of 46 countries at  the XXIII Interpol Regional Conference of the Americas, July 6-8  to review progress in combating organized crime, cybercrime and terrorism.

“Everything is ready for the Regional Interpol meeting the National Police said Sunday July 3 on its Twitter account.

The meeting was convened on June 9 from the headquarters of Interpol in Lyon, France. It  should have been held in 2015 in this city, according to the results of the XXII conference held in 2013 in Curacao and attended by the then head of the National Police of Panama, Julio Molto, and Panamanian Security Minister Jose Raul Mulino, now under investigation for alleged corruption.

“This year’s edition will focus on the most pressing issues related to transnational crime which the region faces today,” says Interpol.

Among these  are: “organized crime, including trafficking in drugs and people, terrorism, cybercrime and strengthening partnerships between INTERPOL and enforcement of the Americas”

The continental meeting was preceded by,   the Interpol Technical Investigative Subcommittees against gangs, robberies and car thefts of the Regional Office for Central America. It was held in Panama on May 26-27

At the meeting more than 30 heads and directors of Police of Central assessed as satisfactory the results of these operations at the regional level, such as the dismantling of 16 gangs involved in car theft, the arrest of more than a thousand people prosecuted for racketeering, theft and auto theft and recovery of 164 cars

Panama has been calling on the services of Interpol with red alerts for numerous former high rollers, including ex president  Ricardo Martinelli and his former private secretary  Adolfo De Obarrio and recently  Mayer  Mizrachi was picked up and jailed in Colombia.  He left jail and disappeared before immigration police could deport him, and Colombian authorities have fired and charged the man who let him  free. Interpol may be kept very busy in future as over a dozen top level Martinelli  government figures and their business friends  have fled the country.


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