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President Varela delivers the State of the Nation

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Varela Addresses National Assembly

President Juan Carlos Varela, during his state of the nation speech before the National Assembly, asked the judges of the Supreme Court of Justice and officials of the court not to tarnish the image of the justice system by giving favorable treatment to criminals who threaten the country's image and even "threaten our own lives."

Varela appeared Friday before the plenary of the National Assembly to present his report to the nation on the occasion of the two year anniversary of entering office.

At the meeting, Deputy León Rubén PRD was re-elected as president of the Assembly.


At another point in the speech, the president asked his ministers to communicate the achievements of his administration.

In addition, he emphasized that efforts will be made to finish promised works.

"We need to continue to strengthen the institutions of the country, but we must speed up projects for the Panamanian people," he said.

At another point in his speech, Varela told the deputies that he remains willing to work with all of the to complete "a vision of the state."

Varela also stressed that politicians should avoid contact with people who seek to lead the country in a wrong direction.

"I have to share with you my concern, because during the last few months we have seen members of the political class and people close to them in very delicate situations," he said.

On the other hand, the president expressed to local authorities, district representatives and mayors that he will make funds available to them to improve their communities, but they must be spent in a transparent manner. 

He also highlighted achievements in housing, education and health care.


Varela speech marks two-year anniversary of his administration

He warned politicians to be careful of their associates

El presidente Juan Carlos Varela rindió su  informe a la Nación ante la Asamblea Nacional.

Speaking Friday to the nation after serving two years in office, President Juan Carlos Varela warned the country's politicians to be careful of who they listened to when making decisions about the future of the country.

"Politicians need to avoid contact with people who can lead the country in the wrong direction," he said.

"We have seen members of the political class and people close to them in very delicate situations," said the president.

While he did not provide details, he may have been referring to a 2015 incident in which people closely linked to PRD Deputy Alfredo Pérez and CD Deputy Juan Poveda were arrested for drug trafficking.

Varela gave his speech shortly after the National Assembly voted to re-elect Deputy Ruben de Leon as president of the legislature. De Leon heads a coalition of deputies from the Panameñista, PRD, Molirena and CD parties that supports the president.

In his speech, Varela lashed out at the judiciary for making decisions that he felt were contrary to the proper administration of justice.

He said that judges had released "dangerous criminals who threaten the country's image and the lives of its citizens."

He urged the judges to use the power given to them by the constitution "so that justice is done."


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Judges react to president’s call

Posted on July 6, 2016 in Panama

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THE MESSAGE sent to the Supreme Court and officials of the judiciary by President Juan Carlos Varela  in his state of the nation  address last week has been received with “responsibility and concern.”

Varela made the statement At the opening ceremony of the 23rd Interpol Regional Conference of the Americas on Wednesday, July 6.

Varela said that the Supreme Court judges had met to discuss his concerns and that measures will be taken.

Varela’s concerns  were voiced  after questions were raised about a decision made by the seventh circuit criminal court to release Dangelo Dayan Ramirez Ramea, who had been accused of money laundering.

This followed a recent decision by the fourth criminal court to release 25 people being investigated on suspicion of having links to drug traffickers.

Varela, in his report to the nation, asked judges “not to tarnish the image of the system of judicial administration by releasing dangerous criminals who threaten the country’s image and even threaten our own lives.”

He said that if the country’s judicial system does not cooperate with the police and prosecutors in fighting against crime then “things don’t work well.”

He reiterated that the Constitution calls for the coordination of the three organs of the state.


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