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Tai Chi 4U ?

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I'm always researching and reviewing "all things Tai Chi" (and other Martial Arts I teach.)  

Recently I received a gift of an educational program on a totally unrelated subject.  Alas, I had to look through their catalogue of other offerings and lo and behold discovered a Tai Chi & Qigong course.  I want to share this VERY interesting (albeit a bit too promotional) information, from THE WORLD LEADER of "modern Tai Chi" programs . . . 
(Not wanting to bore anyone...If you want to read the rest of it, just respond to this email...and I will not use your address for ANYthing else !)
Kevin Reilly
    Tai Chi-riquí                      Panamá            
Boquete & DavídPictureCHIRIQUÍ, meto!  

What Will You Learn?            

Follow the rich history of tai chi and qigong to understand how they've become ingrained into cultures worldwide.

Explore how the fundamental philosophy of balance and harmony can make your life happier and healthier.


Examine the science behind how tai chi and qigong affect almost every major disease.


Learn tai chi and qigong techniques that will help you in almost any situation, environment, or location.



      If you’ve ever seen a group of people moving in exquisitely graceful dance-like exercises in your local park, gym, or community center, you have witnessed the ancient Chinese arts of tai chi (taiji) and qigong. These ordinary people are improving their health, strength, balance, concentration, and mental well-being—and they are having fun while doing it! Best of all, you can enjoy all these benefits yourself, regardless of your current level of physical fitness.


Tai chi is a philosophy of balance and a pinnacle of the martial arts, known as tai chi chuan (or taijiquan), which means “the ultimate martial art.” Qigong, which is traditionally studied alongside tai chi, means “energy exercise.” Together, these two disciplines are transforming the way people take care of themselves. No need for high-intensity workouts that focus on a limited set of muscles and leave you feeling drained. Instead there is a better, centuries-old way to exercise that has these advantages:

                The slow-motion moves of tai chi and qigong utilize more of your muscles than other exercises, giving you a total-body workout.

                Tai chi and qigong are meditation in motion. You lose yourself in the rhythmic flow of the forms. Anxiety and the cares of daily life dissolve away.

                The documented medical effects of tai chi and qigong include improved heart, lung, bone, and mental health, and an enhanced immune system.

                Tai chi and qigong require no equipment. You can do them anywhere and need only enough space “for an ox to lie down,” as the traditional expression puts it.

                People of all ages enjoy tai chi and qigong, while the low intensity of the poses makes them especially well suited for older people.



(So...If you want to read the rest of this, just respond to this email...and I will not use your address for ANYthing else !)
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