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I'm being somewhat flip here, but I get the impression that Boquete didn't get much of the $810,000,000.00 that has been invested so far. Soliciting feedback as to whether I am being too critical. I do admit that there are many areas in Panama that are in much worse shape than here in Chiriqui highlands area. But just look at the Jaramillo Abajo road (if you can call it that), as one example. I have heard promises for road improvements for many years, going all the way back to 2006.

Am I glad that MOP is doing what they are doing? Absolutely yes. I would just like to see a slightly bigger share of the improvements here in our area.



MOP invests $810 million

Posted on June 29, 2016 in Panama

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PANAMA’S Ministry  of Public Works (MOP) has invested $810 million in various projects in the last two years says Minister  Ramon Arosemena

He made the statement during a press conference touting  the accomplishments of the government, which has been labeled a tortoise because of perceived slow progress in fulfilling election promises,

The investment of the ministry included the construction of 907 kilometers of roads, including almost 200 kilometers in Veraguas and about 175 kilometers in the Darién.

He also noted the tendering of dredging projects in Bocas del Toro to prevent flooding.


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P.S., I should have put this in the originating post. But it will work here as well.

When Marcelyn and I go to PC we normally go by POV. (for the uninitiated, that is military talk for privately owned vehicle). It is cheaper than flying and also gives us the storage space for hauling stuff back from places like Riba Smith. Earlier this week we again made that trek, this time in the PC to Boquete direction. I have to say that the improvements in the highway just west of Santiago are really serving all of us very well. There used to be a 50 kilometer strip that was placing our kidneys at risk, not to mention the shocks and suspension on our Fortuner. This week we saw only about 6.5 KM (I measured it) of the old concrete roadway that remains. The new highway is now really high quality roadway. Granted it is not completed, and there are some detours and one-way at a time strips in the construction areas, but what an improvement.

BTW, we typically do not drive in PC because of the traffic issues other than our RS run; we have a driver/friend who we depend on.

As a side note, we typically stop at the McDonalds in Santiago, which is about the halfway mark (okay folks, I know it is not exactly halfway, but it is close enough for our purposes). That is a good place to stretch legs, grab a quick lunch, potty call, etc., and then continue onward. This week we found McDonalds to be closed for renovation. There are many other options in Santiago, so it wasn't a crisis. Santiago is really growing. Lots of construction, traffic problems, especially in two areas where cars queue for turning to head southward, etc.

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