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I heard that a week ago Saturday folks were lined up around the block to get their flu shots. Has anybody reading this had any experience doing this in Boquete. Do you go to the health department clinic or the social security clinic? How much is it? Where do you check in to get the shot?

Thanking you all in advance for your excellent information.

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I went to the policlinica this morning (the large blue and white building) to get a flu shot.  There was a huge crowd of people there lined up.  I figured I'd catch the flu just being packed in with that many people, so I went to Dr. Chen's office to see if I could get the shot there.  The nurse told me the policlinica is the only place in Boquete to get the flu shot.

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I got the flu shot at the policlinica this morning.  I only had to wait about 10 minutes.  The vaccine includes H1N1 and it was free.

To find the room where they give it, go in the front door (the big blue and white building across from the bomberos), past the reception booth, turn left.  Then turn right and go to the end of that hall.  There is a room there right next to the glass doors that say "electrocardiograma".  You will see someone at the desk who will take your information.  I gave her my pensionado card and a copy of my passport.

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Like about half of Boquete, i've been suffering throuh "el gripe" for the past 3 weeks. Once well, I want to get a flu shot. Do I go to the social security clinic or the health department clinic? What is the procedure and the cost? Are there certain hours for doing this? Any info is appreciated.

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2 million flu doses ready for Vaccination Week

There were long lines during the 2016 flu crisis

 A SHIPMENT of two million vaccines against influenza A (H1N1) has been received in Panama, ahead of the rainy (and flu) season says The Ministry of Health (Minsa).

The Ministry invested a total of $10.9 million in the purchase. The vaccines will be used from April 22 to 29 April for the Vaccination Week of the Americas, in which Panama has participated for several years.

According to the Minsa, this year will be applied the dose of influenza quadrivalent, with more protection

Than those applied in 2016, “when trivalent doses were given to about 2.5 million people”.

T he vaccines will be distributed in the 13 Minsa health regions to ensure application to the entire population.

Minsa is urging the population to be vaccinated to prevent an outbreak of influenza that killed many last year during the rainy season. During the crisis, many were forced to wait for hours, or even overnight to get their jab. Vaccinations are free at Health centers and polyclinics



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