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Panama National Tourism Convention

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Panama National Tourism Convention:

an Op-Ed piece from LaPrensa by Hernán G. Posada R


As a way to unite efforts between private enterprise and the Government today, Tuesday, begins the First National Convention of tourism, where the most important segments of the guild of tourism in our country will meet, with the purpose of designing plans, projects and goals that involve most of the services providers, such as the Association of Airlines in Panama (ALAP); the Panamanian Association of Hotels (APATEL); the Panamanian Association of Tourism Operators, among others, which together with the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) will achieve and create mechanisms that project nationally and internationally, in an effective and direct manner, our country as a preferred tourist destination.

By bringing together in a single place to the protagonists of the industry, the media and the experts we can count with a fruitful discussion of ideas and experiences that enrich, innovate and strengthen the varied offer of Panama.

Today no one is unaware of the importance of tourism as a source of income, so important that surpasses what we collect for the transits of the Canal, which makes perhaps in the industry more profitable and important of the country, and that irrigates money to all socio-economic levels, so that forums such as this First National Conventional Tourism, emerges as the ideal scenario to raise solutions, suggest ideas and listen to the opinions of those who directly or indirectly we are related to the present and the future of tourism in Panama.

The specialist press, together with social networks linked, play an important role in the dissemination, promotion and orientation of our tourist destinations nationally and internationally, given its permanent connectivity and exchanges with their colleagues in the world and particularly in markets where Panama wants to position itself or grow.

The reach agreements, find solutions, integrate proposals, put aside differences and egos, find paths that lead us to work together with specific objectives and common causes for the general benefit, without doubt must be the foundation on which to build the fundamental pillars of the success of this first convention and those which may come.

This first National Convention of tourism is an excellent opportunity which we expect out concrete actions, fast and executables in the short, medium and long-term foster, promote and sell in the best way this beautiful and diverse destination that is Panama, for the benefit of the industry and of those who invest with confidence in it, for the State coffers that quite the need, but above all for each and every one of those who with heart, faith and hope working and believe in the present and the future of tourism in our country.



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